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ancient athens social structure - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Boys and girls had different lives. Social Structure of Athens: Freemen were all male citizens: divided into numerous classes: at the top were aristocrats who had large estates and made up the cavalry or captained triremes; middle ranks were small farmers; lowest class was the thetes (urban craftsmen and trireme rowers). Social Structure in ancient Athens The Upper Class/ Athens : Also known as the leisure class, one has to be born in Athens to be a part of the Upper Class. In small towns and villages the tradition of the volta continues, when at sundown much of the population strolls up and down the main street or, on the islands, along the shore. They had slaves, and they had no part in Athenian democracy. MEN {1ST PRIORITY}-became citizens after completion of military service at age 20-could vote, run for government -could own property ... -weren't born in Athens-could not own land-could not become citizens-could work as an artesian or merchant -needed to have an Athenian sponsor . Structure of Government The structure of government in Ancient Athens was made up of the Assembly, the Boule, and the Court. In theory, it was composed of all the citizens of Athens; however, it is estimated that the maximum number of participants it included was 6,000. How did the social structure of ancient Athens impact its political structure? The people of the upper class exhibited a good moral character, brilliant artistic sense, and were highly social. Greece in the Archaic Period was made up from independent states, called Polis, or city state. Ancient Greece was one of the very first places in the world to establish a democracy although in order to vote you had to be a citizen and many people in ancient Greece were not. The Upper Class handled the government work, literature as well as the philosophy department and the war. Social structure Bibliography Social structure. To be a citizen you had to be a male and you would have needed to complete your military training. 1st ed. Social Structure and Government. How did this affect whether or not you had any influence on decisions that affected you? Slaves were 45% of the population. In the Assembly of the People, Athenian citizens decided matters of state. They were owned by the city-state or citizens of Athens. Oxford: Claredon Press. Social Structure. Structure of the Athenian Government. Goldthorpe JH (1980) Social mobility and class structure in modern Britain. In order to enjoy the benefits and privileges granted to the people of the upper strata of the society, one had to be a citizen of Athens and it could only be acquired on the basis of heredity. However, as Greek society, especially in Athens, continued to evolve, so did the social classes and the structure of society as a whole. Greece - Greece - Daily life and social customs: In the hot summers, social life in Greece tends to be outdoors. The social structure of Ancient Athens is a lot different that how it is today. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. The polis of Athens included about 2,500 sq kilometres of territory, but other Polis with smaller areas of 250 sq kilometres. Many slaves were taken prisinor when their city-state was attacked by Athenians. SOCIAL STRUCTURE. In: Forrest R and Murie A (eds), Housing and Family Wealth, London: Routledge, p. 348. Emmanuel D (1994) On the structure of housing accumulation and the role of family wealth transfers in the Greek housing system. 1st ed.

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