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padding-bottom: 5px If you need a quick way to accept payments—with or without a website—we’ll walk through the process from start to finish. } } border-right: 0; flex-direction: inherit; } } box-shadow: 0 0 0 1px #fff, 0 0 0 1px #fff; h4, margin: 0; Businesses. } .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open #signup-button { margin-bottom: -50px; height: 28px; .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .closer-mobile button.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:hover, background-position: center; #SplitPanels-12010920203387804 .panels__panel:last-child { top: 7px; background-size: 28px 16px; margin-top: 0; Those hidden fees can really add up. .pp-header .main-link:hover:hover { @media (min-width: 576px) and (max-width: 751px) { } background: #fff; .tertiary-button--icon::before { top: 0; Creating a PayPal business account allows your business to take payments for products and services via many different payment sources, including debit and credit cards, online check payments and direct payments from personal PayPal accounts. font-weight: 400; .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:hover.pypl-header__subnav-control::after, } .commerce-platform-hero .center-block { font-weight: 400; position: relative; h1.pypl-heading.h2 { font-weight: 700; } .tertiary-button:hover .tertiary-button--icon::before, margin-left: 6px; #SplitPanels-12010920203387804 .pypl-btn:hover { @media (min-width: 1024px) { .content-panel { Sep 03 2019. .mobile-flex-column .row { Live Demo to create a new Paypal Business account. a { } .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-menu a:visited { #Statement-120109203748916196 .statement__paragraph { line-height: 1.5rem; } min-width: 150px; .commerce-platform-hero .commerce-platform-hero__paragraph { .pp-header .main-menu a:visited { .commerce-platform-hero .commerce-platform-hero__headline.pypl-heading { .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, margin-left: 5px; You can add more email addresses, debit or credit cards, and bank accounts to your account, but each account must have its … .pp-header .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:focus, .pp-header .main-menu a:active, Set Up Your PayPal Account. margin-top: 15px; .commerce-platform-hero .center-block { Enter your bank account information including the name of your bank and account number. Create a login. @media (min-width: 1152px) { Sep 03 2019. font-weight: 700; } line-height: 2rem; height: 16px; font-weight: 400; .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .closer-mobile button:focus, padding: 45px; .commerce-platform-hero { #SimplePanelsStacked-12010920194477800 .panels__container { background-image: url(; } } } } } h1.pypl-heading, .no-image-panel__headline, font-family: PayPalSansBig-Regular, PayPalSansSmall-Regular, Helvetica Neue, Arial, sans-serif; Business accounts will give you additional management options for your transactions through the settings and API functions for website and other online integrations. .pypl-btn { padding-bottom: 0; .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-menu a:hover, } .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:focus, padding-right: 18px; Confirm your email address and business name, link your bank account, and you’ll be ready to make your first sale. What Is The KYC Procedure? PayPal is pre-integrated with top e-commerce platforms. } .commerce-platform-hero__paragraph, } #SimplePanelsStacked-12010920194477800 .panels__panel { #SplitPanels-12010920203387804 .content-panel { } box-shadow: 0 0 10px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, .2), 0 0 10px 1px rgba(255, 255, 255, .2); @media (min-width: 752px) { width: 100%; } Even though you might not need PayPal yourself, someone who you do business with would need it in order to go through a transaction with you and that’s why in this 21st century it’s important that you get a working PayPal Account that is verified and that you can use to accept payments and make purchases. @media (min-width: 752px) { } width: 100%; .tertiary-button:hover .tertiary-button--break, align-self: center; With PayPal, you get your money fast. } } #NotificationRibbon-1201092068701409 { } #SplitPanels-12010920203387804 .panels__panel:first-child { font-weight: 400; @media all and (-ms-high-contrast: none), PayPal's Help Center says... Can I have multiple PayPal accounts? } .commerce-platform-hero .commerce-platform-hero__browline { And with our built-in mobile checkout, your smart phone customers will be happy, too. margin-left: 0; } } } .icon-panel__headline, .pp-header .pp-header .main-link:focus, @media(min-width: 576px) { .tertiary-button:focus .tertiary-button--break { Join over 27 million merchants who rely on PayPal. font-size: 2.5rem; height: 72px; Like most credit card processors, we charge a fixed percentage and a transaction fee on every sale. .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-menu a:focus, border-color: #fff; #SplitPanels-12010920203387804 .content-panel { HOWEVER, when I go to create that account, the address portion of the form is limited to US addresses -- … } max-width: 570px; } Join 7 million businesses around the world offering PayPal. width: 50%; .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-menu a, } .pp-header .pp-header .main-link, .info-hero__paragraph, background-image: none; border-top: 1px solid #cbd2d6; padding-right: 25px; font-family: PayPalSansBig-Regular, PayPalSansSmall-Regular, Helvetica Neue, Arial, sans-serif; } left: 3px; text-decoration: underline; height: 12px; They don't even need a PayPal account and can pay you in up to 25 currencies. .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-menu .separator-menu::before { top: 2px; background-position: right; float: left; .notification-ribbon .pypl-btn, .commerce-platform-hero .commerce-platform-hero__browline, } font-weight: 400; .pp-header .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:hover { position: absolute; PayPal suggests using a business account if you operate a revenue-generating endeavor under a separate name — for example, if you’ve set up an LLC. .h4.pypl-heading, Tools for growth .commerce-platform-hero { } } @media (min-width: 576px) { color: #2c2e2f; } @media (min-width: 752px) { } vertical-align: middle; padding-bottom: 60px; He tried to contact PayPal's support however they can't do anything to cancel the "create business account" option, and his account is suspended until the business account is created Every login attempt on PayPal leads to the "create the business account" prompt and there is … .pp-header .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .closer-mobile button, ; Premier: Recommended for casual sellers or non-businesses who wish to get paid online, and who also make online purchases. } display: block; } font-size: 1.5rem; Once you sign up with PayPal, simply follow your solution provider's instructions on how to add PayPal payments to your site. Learn how to quickly adapt your business with new ways to get paid, like touch-free payments, selling on social, and more. margin-bottom: 25px; .tertiary-button--icon { } padding: 80px 30px; display: inline-block; @media (min-width: 576px) { Re-enter password. .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:hover.pypl-header__subnav-control::after { transition: all .1s; text-align: left; Choose an email address that isn’t associated with a PayPal personal … .commerce-platform-hero .commerce-platform-hero__browline { } position: relative; } Open your email and click on the confirmation link sent by PayPal. Give us a call at 1-855-456-1330 or contact sales. } cursor: pointer; font-size: 2rem; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; padding-bottom: 0; .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:hover.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, Should you go with PayPal Personal Account or a PayPal Business Account? font-family: PayPalSansBig-Regular, PayPalSansSmall-Regular, Helvetica Neue, Arial, sans-serif; @media (min-width: 752px) { .global-footer .footer-main a { } background-repeat: no-repeat; .theme-background-color-blue, } .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .closer-mobile button:hover, #SplitPanels-12010920203387804 img { padding: 0; Password. h3.content-panel__headline.pypl-heading { } The next step is to choose the account type you want: Personal or Business . .pp-header #signup-button { border-top: 2px solid #000;

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