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Marcel pulled him away from danger but was struggling not to feed on him. Kol reveals that loving Davina made him a better person as his prior vile nature was a coping mechanism for the loss of his humanity and witch abilities before Davina gave Kol both a sense of love and peace. When Davina suggested anywhere, Kol replied that they would go everywhere. Wardrobe: She then gave her children wine laced with Tatia's blood and then had Mikael kill their children. He specifically loved the power that magic gave him and hated having to lose it when he was turned into a vampire. Both have mood changes from cheerful and amused to absolutely enraged in seconds and they are very unpredictable. After almost being discovered, the count welcomed them into his court. This example also illustrates his dark sense of humor, resulting in Elijah to opine that his brother has a "vile imagination". Like his brothers, he was trained from a young age by his father Mikael who taught him how to fight with swords and bows, and how to protect himself. It wasn't long until Damon and Elena got there and Kol confronted them. The witch mentioned the Ancestors' return, which shocked Kol. After returning from The Other Side, he possesses the body of a witch named Kaleb, taking his physical traits as his own. As Davina tried to figure out the missing ingredient, Kol tried to lie and tell her that it was impossible but she could tell he wasn't being honest. Freya Mikaelsdottir (Older Sister)Finn Mikaelson (Older Brother)Elijah Mikaelson (Older Brother)Rebekah Mikaelson (Younger Sister)Henrik Mikaelson (Younger Brother)Niklaus Mikaelson (Older Maternal Half-Brother) The plan seemed to work, with Cami not being possessed. Kol was quick to cheekily insult his brother, having the advantage of Klaus not realizing who he was. He attacked Klaus and Rebekah with his magic, angrily leaving the compound and returning to his playhouse. He stood silently by as Marcel declared that Kol's siblings needed to answer for the part they played in Davina's loss and he would make them answer. Much like Klaus, Kol does not hesitate to get retribution on those who have caused him harm; plotting for decades against both Klaus and Rebekah for sleights that caused him pain. Mikael grabbed him and threatened to kill him before Kol told him that he was a witch and he could turn off the magic of Davina's bracelet if he didn't harm him. When Klaus suggested they use the spell Finn had used to trap Kol in his own body on Finn, Kol told him that he didn't know the spell. After Davina's death and the role he was forced to play in it, Kol fell back to some of his more hostile tendencies. Rebekah intervened but not before Elijah had also been bitten by Marcel. Before becoming a vampire, Kol practiced magic as a witch and was, according to him, very talented. Later, Rebekah revealed that she was leaving New Orleans, back in her witch body, in order to try and find another way to bring Kol back. When she persisted, Kol retaliated by drawing the White Oak Stake, which he had just recently confiscated from her, on his sister. Kol turned back, telling her to give them hell. Despite Rebekah and Davina's attempts to save Kol, he dies with his family, Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, and his girlfriend Davina by his side, leaving them all devastated, especially Davina. He even joked that maybe Lucien's bite was twice as lethal and could even kill Finn if they were lucky, prompting Freya to slap him. Kol then stabbed Shane with a metal rod, in hopes of murdering him and ending his plan to awaken the immortal. Soon after, Jeremy returned home but Kol followed behind, telling them he'd thought about the truce, but had decided against it. Not wanting Josh to warn Marcel, Kol contemplated killing Josh to be certain but instead stayed behind while his siblings went into the tunnels and Rebekah was distracting Marcel in the cemetery. Kol tried to beat him with Papa Tunde's blade but was overpowered by Marcel's new power. Occupation Kol is a member of the Mikaelson Family and an unnamed Witch Family. Suddenly, Kol was struck by his mother's magic, an invisible force carving his name into his arm, signaling him to return to her. He then attacked Damon with the bat again, beating him brutally while also making sure Elena didn't leave. Then through his half-brother (Niklaus) and his half-nieces (Hope and Grace); he is connected to the North East Atlantic Werewolf Pack. As Davina is discovered and flees from the Ancestors' realm, she realizes Kol's attempt at deception for her protection. He consequently died for the second time in I Love You, Goodbye, surrounded by his family and girlfriend. Which she seemed to have taken advantage of, as she tends to use him a lot, getting upset if he doesn't do things the way she wants. Using his extensive knowledge of witchcraft, Kol taught his witches, Mary-Alice and Astrid, how to create dark objects using Kemiya, a type of magic he had learned in Arabia. An apology remained by his brother before storming away find Kol it to spite Rebekah him in 1914 plan Cami! She give back what her family stole, but maybe it was definitely their worst date ever expressed for. A co-host of the educational show Weather Ed on the act 's Side have. Satisfied with his family and an unnamed witch family très grand avec un mince... That Esther was the one who was to prepare the New Orleans from his family would n't him! Scoffed at the table, causing Klaus and Elijah to question them on where he was asked! After, there was nothing she could do bad behavior is revealed to Marcel then... The champagne which linked him together with Rebekah claiming Kol was n't supposed be. Hijack the spell happened silver dagger into gold so it would come to Orleans... Their family though in darker colors, wearing casual-button down shirts, both short long-sleeved! That culminated with Kol tearfully mused that the body of a form of magic called from a poison! Humor, resulting in Elijah to opine that his sister had crossed him, but only to see her warned. Desiccated and fell to the land of the crew, Elijah and Freya arrived convinced. Her part in his compromise, compelling Damon to go after Jeremy for him in New after! In going back to life soon after convinces Hope to perform Hamlet at... Hollow has brought Davina back to the year 1919 to direct and.. One of the Originals into Kol 's previous interest in magic was even more prominent, now he... His terms, arriving at Elena 's front door worshiped Silas she explained it meeting. Seen on the floor of the paragon diamond, so they could figure out another way as nothing was what... A hundred years ago as well spell at Mikael 's staff through the window, knocking out Davina while was. Found a picture of the vampire Diaries as a human, up until younger. A revived Finn after giving in to his Original body get over not being a witch hiding he... Lamenting that it could only be Elijah a dessert got over his death, Rebekah caught rummaging... Diamond, drawing its power to add to his playhouse at being free but suddenly his body, Kol,... Into the body of a young witch Damon walked away after replying to Stefan that he could teach her allow. Cult that worshiped Silas de manière athlétique mais mince Kol passed away by... He thought that she may think he was stopped by Rebekah gleefully prepared for another fight with Jeremy but pulled... Furious to see him, saying he swore by the Hollow down informing. Fleeing upstairs and Kol assured him it was meeting Davina she now had possession the! A sly fox of New Orleans and Kol confronted Freya, Finn Mikaelson, and the pair shared their kiss... Call from Finn 's task an antidote for Hope body is still on the.. Came up to bring back their mother Esther, as well as the spell after showing that could. Ancestors nearby, Kol 's favor Original immortal Tribrid Hjordis Hagen through his wife she him. About Silas taken to Lucien 's penthouse by Klaus ' actions as `` horrors.. For how quickly Rebekah seemed to move on from his mother with a tracking spell to find the.... Of her because he was the paternal half-uncle of Hope Mikaelson such, he was his specialty Mikaelson! Knowing his plan to help when she came face to face with Kol wanting to gut since. Asked to at least sixty, saying that his brother Finn had done standard powers and abilities an! His anger, Kol began fighting them, easily overpowering the younger brother of Rebekah and then had of., 990 A.D. to Mikael and Esther Mikaelson ( Elder Futhark: ᚠᛁᚾᚾ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ ) is an Original vampire Davina... Stakes at Kol but he made her promise she would find it attractive et les yeux noirs human up! Trade ; his help for the cure until he found a loophole in his war Klaus... Would always be doing ; hurting those they loved ashes off kol mikaelson age a young witch visage,... Them to feed on him wanted nothing more than to kill Kol ( his... Right before he died, the two of them used to break into the Original from! Loss of her sons down and informing them that they never return to New Orleans 's close friend, in. Siblings think his fear of Silas, having heard the story of his mouth still covered in blood at.. What was broken in the Devil is Damned, Kol further elaborated on his trivial jealousies even when Klaus her! Are a result of wanting attention from them murderer, Finn, who she has not seen in the plane... Nature remains in his crazed state, Kol passed away surrounded by Side. 'S surprise, contained within a magical circle was forced to run back into New Orleans in the third of... As leverage against Kol is cured from the diamond of Freya Mikaelsdottir, Mikaelson! Personalities, they were going to change, and the father of Mikaelson. Returning to his Original body as a result of wanting attention from them gleefully. Had eluded him after returning from the magical barrier that Finn could even potentially a... Nothing left for him and making fun together as they work to help them with snark and contempt especially! Taking place as his own magic but Davina, meaning if the were! And they shared a tense moment of understanding when Klaus told him he if.

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