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© 2020 Northeastern University • 360 Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts 02115 • 617.373.2000 • TTY 617.373.3768. * Required. When addressing mail and packages, do not forget to include the resident's full name and mailbox number. Northeastern University 100 Meserve Hall 360 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115 617.373.2566 617.373.5084 (fax) Graduate Student Services Coordinator: Moki Smith, 617.373.5329, Professor & Associate Dean: Jane Amidon, Architecture, 617.373.4614, Click Here for a list of addresses served by USPS. ... Email Address. Mailing address For tax rate, penalties or benefits claimed by a former employee Experience Rating/Benefits Charging Unit P.O. If you have mailed in a payment to the university, please continue to monitor your myNortheastern portal for updates.. For additional information about how Northeastern is addressing the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit this site. Copied data will still be available in Google HuskyMail accounts up until June 24, 2020, at which point the mail accounts are retired. Last Name. ... Organize your contact info for all your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances in one place. Google Suite services at Northeastern, with the exception of mail, calendar, and contacts, will remain. Important note: Student Financial Services routinely sends important communications to students at their Northeastern University email account. Alumni and Students who choose to can opt out of the data migration service, and must make their own arrangements to back up their data prior to Northeastern’s retirement of the Google HuskyMail service. Residential Mail - Servicing Undergraduate Students living on-campus and leased-property addresses through Northeastern. Email Address * Topic * Message * Send. The university’s data migration solution includes Google mail, calendar, and contact data. General questions please email: If you would like to get in touch with a faculty member for a story, please email As per our policy, ResMail does not accept perishable packages. Enter your email address to subscribe to our newsletter Subscribe You have been successfully subscribed to our newsletter Main Phone: (877) NE-SUPPLY Customer Tools Send Email Return to sign in If an account matches the username entered, an email will be sent to the associated email address with instructions on how to reset your password shortly. Mailing Address Jewish Studies ProgramNortheastern University360 Huntington Avenue450 Renaissance ParkBoston, MA 02115 Phone Number Deborah Levisohn Stanhill 617-373-7045 Email Address Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram Text us: 617-934-7876. The Google tools that you know and love—including Google Docs and Drive—aren’t going anywhere. Executive Assistant to the President. trouble re-entering the U.S.), please contact the International Safety Office at [email protected] or +1.617.373.2121 (NUPD). Tech Updates. Incoming emails addressed to accounts will be forwarded to the new O365 accounts after the transition and for the life of a Northeastern email account. Please note that due to postal delays and current volume, the processing of mailed payments may be delayed. For students living in residence halls, please ask anyone sending you mail or packages to use your complete campus address and the 02115 ZIP Code for the Speare side of campus and the 02120 ZIP Code for the Columbus Side campus to ensure timely and accurate delivery. To make this transition possible, HuskyMail email accounts will migrate to Microsoft Office 365, the same digital environment in which Northeastern faculty and staff communicate. We welcome your quick questions about library hours, collections and services. Always use the complete mailing address. In the body of the message please include: Contact Staff Contact Us. … Students may opt out of the migration services provided by the university and may choose to back up their own data using Google Takeout. If you do not receive an email, please contact customer service. Student Tech Update 12/8/20: COVID-19 Questions, Set Your Learning Location, and More. To ease this transition, the university has engaged with a third-party partner to offer a one-time migration of all Google mail, calendar, and contact data associated with Northeastern accounts to Office 365, and support during this data migration. It’s faster than ever to keep in touch. In the event of an emergency, please contact the Northeastern University Police Department. Comments. All replies and other outgoing mail will come from mailboxes can be accessed through the Microsoft Outlook client on a computer, the online portal, or the Outlook mobile app. Here you'll find phone numbers, addresses, emails and other contact information to help support providers. Email addresses will be [myNortheastern username] As students and alumni make the transition to the email domain in Office 365, here are 6 important things to know about these new email accounts. Default and custom Google labels will be migrated to O365 as folders and will retain the same hierarchical structure (ie: labels nested under another label will become sub folders). Email and webform questions will receive a response in one business day. Thank you for your interest in Northeastern University’s Toronto campus. During this time, you should continue to use as your primary address. 617.373.3333 EMERGENCY. Click Here for the FAQ. HuskyMail, calendar, and contact data will be available in Google, up until the mail and calendar services are retired, scheduled for July 1, 2020. Please complete the short form at left and we will follow up with additional information about your area of interest. Most modern email clients are also compatible with Northeastern email accounts. University Admissions Visitor Center 40 Leon Street, Boston, MA 02115 After receiving the notification that the data migration from Google to O365 is complete, students and alumni should begin to use their O365 accounts for communication. This address is also how many community members already log in to all Office 365 services. Susan Cromwell. Google mail, calendar, and contact data will be copied to the new O365 email account, not deleted. To log in to most university services, please select myNortheastern Login below. Northeastern has a wide array of experts that are available for media comment. To contact the COS Graduate Office directly: If you will be travelling and require immediate assistance (i.e. These migrations will occur in batches during spring 2020. From Ruggles Station (Orange line): Walk up stairs and exit through the turnstile. Susan Cromwell provides direct administrative support to President Aoun and coordinates his daily briefings. The Northeastern University Police Department (NUPD) is a full service and accredited police agency comprised of Patrol and Investigative Divisions providing 24 hour a day service. What Can we Help You with? Email: Stu Lee via or Richard Holmberg via Mailing Address. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page. For this reason, the university is providing resources and support to students for safely and securely copying their Google mail, calendar, and contact data to their O365 email accounts. If you can’t find what you need, contact us! Once you have completed the online credit application please complete the form below using the same e-mail address you provided in the online credit application. Chat is monitored 24/7 by librarians from Northeastern and around the world. Contact a librarian via webform, email or chat. Mailing Address. Box 9046 Olympia, WA … Most Northeastern-owned residence halls have mail delivered by ResMail. Scroll down and select a topic specific to your needs. 360 Huntington Avenue 115 Richards Hall Boston, MA 02115 Phone: 617.373.5085. email will continue to be forwarded to O365 even after support for HuskyMail ends. Transitioning to, a more professional email account for Northeastern students and alumni with HuskyMail accounts, A more professional and recognizable email address for communication, Continued use of Google suite for file storage and collaboration, For students, a business-class communication platform that prepares you for co-op and post-grad work, More seamless collaboration with the rest of the Northeastern community, O365 mailboxes created for all students (January), Both and addresses used, Migration of Google mail, calendar, and contact data begins, O365 training, resources, and migration support available, Migration of Google mail, calendar, and contact data continues, O365 mailboxes available to alumni email account holders (June), University systems updated to reflect new email addresses (late summer), Recurring events and meetings, only the first instance will copy to O365, More than the first three email addresses per contact. Register domain, LLC store at supplier Amazon Technologies Inc. with ip address Click Here for a list of addresses served by ResMail. Our Accelerated BSN programs are located near Boston, MA and Charlotte, NC. Copies of all incoming mail sent to will be forwarded to the O365 mailbox. When addressing mail and packages, do not forget to include the resident's full name and mailbox number. Northeastern values and celebrates diversity in all its forms and strives to foster an inclusive culture built on respect that affirms inter-group relations and builds cohesion. Address: 151 Speare Hall (across from the Residential Security Office) Northeastern University, 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115. Office Location. Off-campus housing is not handled by ResMail. If you are interested in learning more about the accelerated nursing program or about Northeastern, a top-tier, nationally ranked university, you can either complete the form below or call (866) 892-3819. This change requires a transition away from the Google mail and calendar environment and to Office 365 mail and calendar. Social Media: Email: [email protected] Directions to our Office. ATTN: Student Financial Services, 354RI Northeastern University 360 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115. Northeastern University is an equal opportunity employer, seeking to recruit and support a broadly diverse community of faculty and staff. Yes. Sign in with O365 login credentials: [myNortheastern username] and myNortheastern password. The university will retire the HuskyMail service on July 1, 2020. 617.373.2121 NON-EMERGENCY Other G Suite data, including Docs and Drive, are not part of the data migration. This looks very much like an email address which can cause confusion.This is your Office 365 username and it will be used to access all Office 365 services. By submitting your information, you will receive emails from Northeastern University with … Northeastern University ATTN: Office of the Registrar, 230-271 360 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115-5000. Go to the tax center web page for mailing addresses and fax numbers by topic. All other Google Suite services, including Docs and Drive, will continue to be available. Student email addresses are now [myNortheastern username] Sign in with your O365 login credentials: your new email address and your myNortheastern password. Then, on July 1, 2020, Google mail and calendar accounts will be retired and the associated data must be migrated out of Google to avoid losing it, and all Northeastern community members with university email will be using their account as their primary university email. It’s recommended that any changes to calendar and contacts after the migration be made in O365 to prevent any data loss when the Google HuskyMail service is retired. To access services and sites that require students’ email addresses, such as G Suite services, students should continue to use email addresses. Once the mail and calendar transition is complete, university systems, including the learning management system and Registrar data, will be systematically and automatically updated to reflect the new email addresses. This address is also how many community members already log in to all Office 365 services. How can I reflect a formal name change?How do I change my password?I’ve graduated; can I still use HuskyMail and the G-apps services?I’m a faculty/staff member; can I access G-apps services?Are G-apps services accessible for students with disabilities?Do I need to configure any of my G-apps services? Always use the complete mailing address. Forwards from accounts to other addresses, such as personal or professional email accounts, will be preserved in the transition. * PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NORTHEASTERN SUPPLY ACCOUNT NUMBER IN THE MESSAGE AREA BELOW! The username you use to log into your email on all platforms (desktop/laptop, web, mobile) is [myNortheastern username] + Please see the FAQ for details. OneDrive. See the article about what desktop email clients are supported by Northeastern. Lisa C. Worsh, MEd Senior Cooperative Education Faculty Coordinator –Cultural Anthropology, Human Services, and Sociology Mailing Address Northeastern University200 Renaissance Park360 Huntington AvenueBoston MA 02115 Email Address Phone Number 617.373.4773 Northeastern University’s newest location in Portland is home to the Roux Institute, a graduate school and research center on Maine's seacoast. A copy of mail addressed to will also be available in Google mailboxes until HuskyMail is eventually retired. UserId Lookup. Once the university retires HuskyMail accounts, students and alumni will no longer be able to access the associated data unless it was previously exported and backed up. Northeastern University contracts with the company EthicsPoint to provide an anonymous and confidential reporting tool to all members of the university community. Take a left and go down stairs. Specific questions about orientation and programming please email: Support and Services page. Incoming emails to will be forwarded to O365 mailboxes. Find contact information below for Northeastern College of Science and each academic department. This change will happen over several phases, beginning in January 2020. Calendar and contact data will not continue to be synced between Google and O365 after the import is complete. Faculty, staff, and students have access to Office 365 as members of the Northeastern community. Until further notice, addresses should continue to be used for G Suite collaboration. However, all leased properties and some Northeastern-owned facilities are served directly by the U.S. Mail and Package Services is responsible for mail delivery throughout the residence halls, as well as faculty and staff offices. If the answer to your question is not in the FAQ, please e-mail to request assistance. Google Takeout is available for exporting data from Northeastern Google accounts. 271 Huntington Avenue, Suite 200 At Human Resources, we want to help you be successful. It will not reflect any changes or new data in the Google account after the migration. Postal Service (USPS). Contact. Place Faculty/Staff Account Issue in the subject line of your e-mail. When it is retired, students and alumni will no longer have access to Google mail and calendar services supported by Northeastern. accounts in O365 will reflect only the changes made to calendar and contacts in O365. When emailing OGS please include your NUID number (found in your myNortheastern portal) in the subject line of your email. Mail and packages received with missing or incorrect name or address information will be subject to delivery delays. To report potentially unethical or inappropriate activities or behaviors that may violate Northeastern’s policies and procedures, go to EthicsPoint or call 855.350.9390. Items with more than one label in Google will be copied and appear in each O365 folder. If you do not remember your Northeastern UserID, you can reach out to the IT Service Desk for assistance with accessing your online account at or 617-373-4357.. Be sure to include your full name, 9-digit NUID number, graduation year, college, and email address or phone number in your request. mailboxes can be accessed through the Microsoft Outlook client, online portal, or mobile app. myNortheastern Help : If you are having trouble, please review the FAQ below. Email: Tax center. MBTA. First, all HuskyMail account holders will receive a account in Office 365 in addition to their Google mail account. After the transition to in O365, students and alumni will still be able to use the email address to receive messages. UnitedHealthcare is here to help providers who may need information, service or support on network management, provider contracting and more. As part of the data migration, there are a few things to note about what mail, calendar, and contact data will NOT copy to O365 as part of a successful data migration: You can expect to see your Google data begin to appear in your account in O365 while the syncing is in progress. First Name. Creation Date: 1996-06-11 | 2 years, 161 days left. At the request of students, who require a more professional and recognizable alternative to their email address, the university will transition all HuskyMail email accounts to by the beginning of fall 2020. What email, calendar and online document services are available for students?What if I already have a personal Google/Gmail account?Can I change my account username? Khoury students in San Francisco tap into the professional networks of the Bay Area’s vibrant tech culture—led by companies like Twitter, Lyft, and Salesforce. Email addresses will be [myNortheastern username] Northeastern students requested email addresses for sending and receiving email because it is a more professional and recognizable email domain to the existing addresses.

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