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Show Route Map Download Route Schedule Add to favorites; Weekday. Please be advised that the route 785 Run 3 that was scheduled to depart from 8th St & Spring St. at 3:30pm will not be … See departure times for every stop on this bus route. Be sure to check rider alerts as published schedules do not include route changes due to detours. Cancelled trip Friday Service ONLY See Update Details. CATA buses and facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. To plan your trip on Sun Tran and Sun Link, view the system-wide map and schedules below. 1 - 1 Newark; 2 - 2 Jersey City-JournalSq-Secaucus; 5 - 5 Kinney; 6 - 6 Ocean Avenue - Journal Square; 10 - 10 Bayonne - Jersey City; 11 - 11 Newark - Willowbrook Learn more about … Timetables, stops & times (real-time), route maps, alerts, trip planner, and phone numbers for Bus 1, COTA. Schedule Legend Trip delayed at least 15 min. Most fixed-route buses have a low-floor design for easier boarding, all fixed routes include audio announcements and welcome service, and curb-to-curb services are also available. Route 1 schedule - Effective 8/29/2020North Bus Stop I in Kennedy PlazaSouth Bus Stop D in Kennedy PlazaNorthbound Slater Mill Side, Southbound PTC . Click here for real-time map of Route 1 South Virginia. Clipper; Adult/Youth (6-64 yrs) Regular Routes: $2.00: Express Routes: $2.25: Bus-to-Bus Transfer One transfer within 2 hours: Free: BART-to-Bus Transfer: $1.00 Outbound Bus • Inbound Bus • Reset Map. Route 785 ; Effective 01/13/2021 through 01/13/2021. Route 312 will not operate during emergency conditions. Click here for real-time map links and schedules for all bus routes. Route 1: Downtown Norfolk Transit Center / Pembroke East. During most snow conditions, routes 312 and 522 will operate via the snow routing shown in this timetable. COTA 1 KENNY/LIVINGSTON Schedules. If Metro declares an emergency, Route 522 will continue to operate as a designated Emergency Service Network route, using its same route number and snow routing as shown. Major stops include: Bolton - Egerton - Darwen - Earcroft - Ewood - Blackburn

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