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When multiple reciprocating compressors or a combination of reciprocating and centrifugal compressors are used at a compressor station, care is needed to avoid pulsation interaction in the suction or discharge headers. 3-dimensional hydrodynamic model for evaluating bearing performance and a semi-empirical model for evaluating lubrication performance. Larger units (over 500 HP or 375 KW) because they generate higher pulsations and shaking forces, Compressors operating across a wide speed range, Requiring many different operating conditions, More complicated piping systems, more stages, offshore applications, multiple units at a station, or other application factors. This added level of analysis is valuable when coolers and/or scrubbers are located away from the compressor package, or when pulsations need to be analyzed in the headers and plant piping system. Design Requirements for Reciprocating Compressors High reliability is achieved when the vibration related risks are properly addressed during the design phase. Evaluation of SBC design to assess stress and provide recommendations for improvement. Our basic reciprocating compressor package design was introduced in 1954, and all … Reciprocating compressor. DamperX™ and ThermaGlide™, An Integrated Approach to Manage Vibration Risks, Design Requirements for Reciprocating Compressors, Five simple methods to check reciprocating compressor performance, Important Differences in Pulsation Software, Liquid Pumping Systems (Including Liquid Pipelines), Structural Vibration and Ways to Avoid It, Tips for a Successful Project (Vibration Control), Transient Conditions on Small-Bore Piping, Vendor Requirements for Piping Vibration & Integrity Assessment, Vibration Issues Affecting Gas Compressor Facilities, Reciprocating Compressor: Pulsation & Mechanical Analysis, Reciprocating Pump Pulsation & Mechanical Analysis, Structural Vibration and Dynamic Design Analysis, Fuel Gas Compressor Piping Transient Analysis. Since its introduction in 1929, it has been the world’s most prolific compressor design on the market for one reason: it is simply unbeatable. PROCESS DESIGN OF COMPRESSORS (PROJECT STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS) Page 6 of 47 Rev: 01 April 2011 capacity machines may be specified, two running in parallel with the third unit as a spare. Since its introduction in 1929, it has been the world’s most prolific compressor design on the market for one reason: it is simply unbeatable.. To assess pulsations in coolers and scrubbers located away from a compressor, or to assess pulsations in headers and plant piping system. On one side it is connected to the electric motor directly by the coupling or by the belt and pulley arrangement. I NEED Systems Design / New Unit(s)Replacement Units & PartsMaintenance & RepairEnergy AssessmentOther, FOR MY Pump SystemCompressed Air SystemMotors & DrivesOther Process Equipment. Mechanical Analysis. With consideration of improved process demand, it was necessary to revamp the process and pipe condition for these compressors, and this was due to perform new … When manufacturing, engineering, or construction jobs bring you to the Rockford area, rest assured that Brabazon is fully equipped to provide you with the industrial products, engineering and … Reciprocating compressors have the advantage over other types of compressors (e.g., centrifugal and rotary) when it comes to handling wide-capacity swings and generating a high-discharge pressure. Overview of Reciprocating Compressors Written by Anup Kumar Dey in Mechanical, Piping Interface In a reciprocating compressor, a volume of gas is drawn into a cylinder; it is trapped, and compressed by piston and then discharged into the discharge line. [ Pipe Mechanical Analysis ] Pulsation Study as per API 618 Reciprocating Compressors : Principles, Operation and Design. Pulsation Analysis (acoustic study of compressor piping system), Strongly recommended (required) when coolers mounted off-skid, Option: Lifting; and/or Transportation/Environmental Loading Analysis. Reciprocating compressors of various designs and applications are encountered nowadays throughout refining, petrochemical and process industries as well as in power generation and environmental engineering.

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