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We'll guide you through it. Step #1 (Basic) – Be honest While you don’t want to go ahead and list everything that is wrong with a company/brand/ product, you don’t want to give a totally biased, one-sided portrayal of it either. ", "A first rate experience... 5 big stars!" Are as short as possible while containing all the necessary information. For general enquiries, or if you have a project in mind and want to have a chat. This means adding the right content to the title and description, choosing the right category for the video, and using captions when appropriate. You may still have a nagging feel that your inexperience in video means your strategy is built more on guesswork than knowledge. Try to gain insight into your audience: what are their most common problems? If you’re in need of a clean template for creating of preliminary budget, read our companion article Managing Your Film Budget Cashflow & PO Log . Our guide will show you how to outline your objectives, get insights into your target audience, focus on your core message, plan the specifics & write a video production brief. At its most basic level, a concept should be able to be communicated in three sentences — the beginning, the middle, and the end, translating to acts I, II, and III. But before you go, here are my last tips on making video production as smooth as possible: Join 1,000 comms experts from brands like Boots, Experian & JCB and sign up for our latest posts. Editing software has gotten easier to use. Learn about film and video production. This will become the core message of your video content. Who is your audience? Acquiring all necessary licenses and permissions. Learn the key steps to planning engaging & effective video content. Depending on your goals for your video, this could mean sending a commercial to your local news station, getting shares and likes through social media, or adding the video to your next … Speaking of measuring success — to do so you'll need to ensure all the right video metrics are in place. Are as short as possible while containing all the necessary information. Believe me, video production is not a simple process and involve many complex steps. Videos are incredibly popular online as they have the ability to spread messages better than text or images. For example, the creative concept behind that Dollar Shave Club video is: watch a business founder as he gives a comedically bad tour of his factory and convinces the audience to buy his razor blades. Video Production 101. Your reliance on a storyboard or scamp during the production depends on the type and complexity of the video, as well as personal preference. When it comes to creating video content, the video production process can be broken down into three key stages. Have faith in the director, the producer and the crew. Everything that makes it into the script at this stage will almost certainly make it into the final video content too. The only way anyone becomes an expert in video is through practice and experience. That's a lot of pressure, but don't feel overwhelmed. Video production involves a lot of time, effort, and finesse. Each stage is made up of a sequence of interdependent steps, each of which play an important role. 2. To produce a successful video, we've developed a step by step process. Download the production planning template. Production of any kind of video takes a lot of time, energy, and efforts. Depending on your plan of distribution and your budget, you will have several options when it comes to hosting your video. Again, a voiceover isn't necessary for every video. Jim is very easy to work with and he produces high quality video." What do they really connect with? Just like any other type of content, you can't reach your aim without first deciding on what it is. It's more common that you might think. She simply didn't know where to begin. If you are pursuing a career in production, you already probably know a good deal about it. The type of video is going to define the format that you’re shooting and the resources that are required. Fourth, shoot the video. To see the engaging and results driven videos we create for yourself: click here…. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Flipboard 0. This is the last hurdle before filming itself can begin. Are not afraid to be different or strange. Engaging in PR to promote your video content. Ensuring makeup and costume is present if needed. Video, Video Production Tips; 4 Steps to Producing Your Video 9–11 minutes to read . This post will fill you in.). We like to call this the discovery phase and it’s a crucial video production process step where we team up and decide the best approach to reach your goals. It should be as detailed as it needs to be without being overly long. That means making sure your objectives are: If you're struggling to define what you want to achieve with video content, try thinking about problems or issues in your business that could be solved with video. Keep your end goal in mind: what action do your audience need to take to make it happen? Once your video content is filmed, edited, formatted and hosted, you can at last begin to distribute and promote it according to your video strategy. Hand in hand with the music of your video is the voiceover. Maybe it’s a story you were told as a child, or a product of your own wild imagination. Don’t set sail without a map, and don’t make a video without a plan. You might find it useful to be able to visualise how your video will be shot. There are three stages to film-making: pre-production, production and post-production. Here’s a step-by-step guide to not only creating a successful video production but one that truly is five-star. At a minimum, pre-production planning consists of scouting a location, getting permits if required, procuring all of the equipment you need, reviewing your script, speaking with actors about their roles, deciding on a budget, and choosing a time and day for the shoot. Putting in place contingency plans if anything goes wrong. Behind the Scenes: A Simple Explanation of the Video Production Process This involves planning a number of things, including: Basically, a good strategy is vital to the success of your video. If not, you're in for a day of frustration. Once you start shooting with expanded creative visions, your palette will keep growing and growing. Building a strategy for video is very similar to building a strategy for any other kind of campaign. Fifth, edit the video. Be sure to agree this beforehand with your editor or the video agency you're working with, to avoid misunderstandings. Even though everyone is making videos, most people don’t know the process behind making videos. Pre-production, like the filmmaking as a process as a whole, is complicated and can be daunting for independent filmmakers. Because when it comes to making your business goals and creative aspirations come to life, we can accomplish anything with the right production team, strategic marketing plan and cohesive implementation. Keep learning and trying new things. Your next step in the pre production process is to bring a line producer aboard to prepare the film’s first real budget and production schedule. For example, if your objective for your video content is to increase sign-ups to a free trial, you'll want your audience to... sign up to that free trial after watching. The 17-step process outlined above works fine for corporate video production if you're looking to create a live-action video, but it looks a little different when producing an animation. The video is well-lit, well-shot and well-framed. Always allow a reasonable amount of time for your changes to be made. The success of any video project rests on your understanding of your target audience. The final step in video production is promoting the video. Don't just focus on the demographics of your target audience like their age, gender and location. Why? Now that you've done solid research on your target audience, let's return to your objectives. Video production steps: Follow my 4-step preproduction and post production plan to make videos consistently. — for example, if you are hiring actors to dramatise a training scenario. Animation can provide a unique style and creativity to your video content. Excited? A storyboard or scamp can give a clear visual portrayal of lighting, colouring, framing, transitions and many other aspects of film. Scouting and securing a location (indoors or outdoors). — you're done. Once all filming is complete, it's time to begin editing.This step will need to be handled by a skilled editor. We are one of the best video production companies today. After this is complete, your video will also need to be hosted online so it can be shared and distributed according to your strategy. Third, perform pre-production planning. This might mean a HD version for use at a conference, or a more compressed and shortened teaser to be placed on social media. ©2021 Gearshift Studios, All Rights Reserved, Reproduced with Permission Privacy PolicyWebsite Built by Foster Web Marketing Website Powered By Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS™)Site MapDSS Login. When giving feedback on your video, be clear, specific and ensure everything your request stays on-brief. This is their speciality, and they will deliver to a high standard. Listen how a good voiceover can bring life and vibrancy to video content. However, just like the editing of the footage, all additional graphics will follow the script and storyboard closely to ensure they blend in seamlessly with the rest of the video. What do you want to accomplish with the video? Any and all ideas should be permitted initially, no matter how outlandish or unusual they may be. This step will need to be handled by a skilled editor. 1. This won't apply to every video production, but sometimes you may want generated graphics and other special effects to help your video come to life. The video production process consists of 3 main steps: pre-production, which is the planning stage for mapping out your strategy and script for the video, production is the phase in which the video is shot, and finally post-production, which involves editing the video, adding music and other effects. However, if you're hosting on a free video channel like YouTube you may have to use a separate analytics tool to find the data you require. You might also find our free Video Objectives Template useful to help pin down your objectives. Now the video has been spread to your target audience, it's time to use analytics to determine the success of your entire campaign ready for the next piece of video content. Hosting the video on a free channel like YouTube, with fewer video metrics and less control. Producing it is a lot like any other kind of content, just with its own peculiarities. First, come up with a concept. She recently produced a piece of video content as part of her marketing strategy for the first time. This involves the video being turned into the correct format and quality for its various uses, as outlined in the video production brief. An example of a video brief, take from our free template. How do you think she felt? If you're not quite ready to produce your own videos yet, call 703.962.1270 to speak to a member of our Fairfax, Va. video production team. If you've decided to host your video on a paid hosting platform like Wistia, the measures of success you want to track will most likely already be in place. Generally it's recommended to host your video content on a paid platform where you have full control over how and where you it is distributed. Everything begins with your ultimate goal for your video content. During the editing process you might want to request alterations or revisions. Right now, we will show you how we create our amazing videos. (It depends on the video agency and the particular process they follow.). Read This Book BEFORE You Attempt to Create Your Own Web Videos! There are many ways to distribute your video, and they will vary depending on your audience. Just one way that simple special effects can spice up any video. Taking your video brief as a starting point, it's time to come up with a creative approach. The video production brief is a detailed document which informs the video production companies you will approach later on about what it is you want them to produce. And the production section merges into post-production, as the entire animation is created from scratch using specialist software rather than needing to film footage. In fact, you might even have experienced it yourself. Generally this process should be handled by an experienced producer. Conducing interviews, asking for feedback and listening to the questions your target audience ask online are all good ways to learn more about them. We've reached the final step. You'll need to market your video where your audience will see it, and in a way that makes your core message clear. So to make it simpler for you we have developed a step-by- step guide that will make your video production much simpler than before. A good edit must work specifically with the music of the video, to achieve the overall desired effect in the target audience. This is the phase of the video production process where you carry out what you planned in the previous step (pre-production). Your script should be easy to understand, fit within your target video time, and include any changes in camera angle, wardrobe, or background. They will examine many hours worth of footage and select the best takes to use in the final video. Many videos simply use a detailed script when it comes time to film. Just like the pre-production planning, there are a million details to get right on the day of the shoot. Once you're happy with the final cut of your video it can be formatted. Depending on your goals for your video, this could mean sending a commercial to your local news station, getting shares and likes through social media, or adding the video to your next e-mail newsletter. You might want them to feel excited, and to think that your service will help them to organise their busy schedule. As with any kind of brainstorming, this process should begin with lots of potential ideas that are then whittled down to only the very best. Even though she's an experienced and talented marketer, she froze at the thought of video. The Importance of Having a Production Schedule. They will then cut the film together according to the script and storyboard, so that your core message shines through. In this short video I will go through and explain the 8 key steps of the video production process, so that you can get a solid overview of what’s involved. A video production workflow is usually a sequence of well-ordered and serial steps, which is performed depending upon a pre-set of rules and regulations in order to accomplish a procedure. Traditional productions start with a Pre-Production (or Pre-Pro) Book, a big three-ring binder with sections for personnel, script, storyboards, actors, locations, art reference, calendar, crew, and post-production. In this step, every little detail is discussed. Anything from a background transposed over green screen to animated characters to graphs displaying facts and figures can be created with special effects. On the actual days of filming, you probably won't need to be present — unless you're appearing in the video, of course. Video production involves a lot of complications, tight deadlines, closed budgets, varying schedules with a … Please fill out this quick form and we will contact you within 24 hours! Second, write a script. Okay, so the video’s concept, the budget, and the timeline have all been approved by the boss- Woo hoo! From idea to upload. (What's the difference between the two and how do you choose? As I said, the above list is very basic. Enthusiastic? This can be achieved through drawing, stock images, or even stock footage. Be organised. If you already have personas as part of your marketing or communications strategy, now's the time to use them. Still from Mr. Illustration of cinema, digital, occupation - 121423693 We can take over the whole project or just help you with a few production elements. Brilliant Idea by Nopow This is where you develop your story, its structure, and plot points. However, if you or a representative wishes to watch the filming take place, this shouldn't be a problem. Not every corporate video needs a famous music track, but subtle background music can help enliven almost any video. Hosting the video on a paid platform like. Your audience demographic impact the structure and tone of your prod… Make sure that you can track these objectives now that your video content is finished. Any music included in in your video should: Generally you'll have to buy a license or pay fees for the music you want in your video, which a producer can also handle. The script can include narration, dialogue, and visual and audio descriptions that tell the production crew what elements need to be captured. This will give the editor more flexibility when matching the voiceover to the footage to make sure the whole edit feels cohesive. Sometimes you'll need multiple messages in your video, but try to keep them to no more than a few. All of the steps of the process fall into three main phases: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. If you want to use your logo in the video, get a high quality version ready to save rushing around at the last minute. Using SEO to optimise your video for relevant. From idea to upload. Well thought out content not only targets the right people but also drives the results you want potential clients to take when they see it. Again, a good video agency will be able to help you complete an effective video brief. Video content isn't the big scary monster a lot of digital marketers, internal comms experts and communicators of all kinds have convinced themselves it is. A good video production company can “see” the script as a finished program. But if you've chosen to use one in your corporate video, it's important that it works with the footage just as well as any music. - Jinson Chan, ©2021 Gearshift Studios, All Rights Reserved, Reproduced with Permission, Porsche Chantilly: Show Off Your Showroom With Beauty Shots, Ronald McDonald House & Mattress Warehouse: Charity Video, Here's a Great Example of How To Add Depth to Your Photos, Gearshift Has Two Decades of Commercial Experience, Grand Openings Are Great Occasions for Video. That's why you need to conduct thorough research into your target audience. The next step is to create a solid strategy for your video content. However, many organizations don’t take the pre-production process seriously enough, or they spend way too much time trying to perfect the script. Inspired? This image may or may not be an accurate representation of your target audience. First things first, what’s the purpose of your video production project? Lastly, consider what measures of success you'll need to track to work out how quickly you achieve your objectives. To begin, log into your production planning software and look for the create new project button. Nothing is left to chance. Skeleton know that planning content for your corporate videos can improve their success dramatically. Here you will capture the images and audio you require, from interviews to footage shot on location, to be edited into your final video in the post-production phase. That’s always a great first step, but now it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. The brief should include all the research and information you've collected so far: Use our simple video production brief template (plus examples) to fill in all necessary information. The more detailed the document the better but if you are struggling to put it together a video production company can step in to help. Once all filming is complete, it's time to begin editing. The planning and distribution sections of the process are pretty much identical. Many filmmakers are in a perpetual pre-production stage. This post will guide you through the corporate video production process step by step, with tips for every stage, so you can stop feeling scared and start feeling empowered and enthused. This will allow maximum distribution and watchability on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. They will then cut the film together according to the script and storyboard, so that your core message shines through.Good edits: 1. It’s not just our opinion, either — the fact is, using video can help you grow revenue 49% faster than you would without video assets. What you want your audience to feel, think and do. Packed full of our expert advice on how to create a video strategy, set SMART objectives, and generate the best possible video ROI. By Jonathan English | 11:21 AM on November 23, 2015. This is an important, specialised task that should ideally be left to an expert. There are seemingly endless other details—camera batteries, make-up, wardrobe, etc.—that need to be addressed before a shoot. The creative approach picked in the last step should heavily influence the writing of the script for your video content. Get across the core message of the video brief and script. With the concept dialed in, it's time to sit down and write a script. In order to be successful, your video should be coded properly. For example, the creative concept behind that Dollar Shave Club video is: watch a business founder as he gives a comedically bad tour of his factory and convinces the audience to buy his razor blades. Salma Jafri July 23, 2017.

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