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She looked just like a tiny dachshund, but, when I purchased my husky puppy at 8 weeks,, she began misbehaving and peed, everywhere ?. Your dog could’ve got more of his genetics from 1 parent like 75% for one parent and 25% for the other parent. Good luck! I’m looking for a chiweenie but they’re very hard to come by! I’m so lonesome with out her.I looked for a Min-Pin but they are too high. Your vet should have details of one in your area. They’re protective, and pay attention to everything that’s happening around them and in their homes, and are always ready to warn you about potential dangers. Aggression is a dog owner’s biggest fear. Then look no further than the smart and sassy… His energy is boundless, lol. Mating Dachshunds with Chihuahuas generally results in a smaller Dachshund lookalike. They have had their v... December 23, 2020. Maybe try grain free kibble. She is temperamental around my 10 year old niece, but she tolerates her fairly well. Grooming doesn’t take much work, either. She was very stand offish with everybody, hiding from guests, and although she came from a family with many children she was very uneasy around my grandchildren. Hi Ron, You can read about stealing here – He is doing good here at the rescue. ), and participate in genetic testing. 4 glorious years of fun! Otherwise she has 1/2 cup food in the morning and evening. Too much force can cause a disk to squeeze and rupture. Here’s a brief summary of everything we’ve learnt about the Chiweenie. So far he’s fantastic! Look into Dr Karen Becker on youtube she a integrative vet and is very knowledgeable about this diet as well. I’m retired and rarely leave. first he will take anything from the tv remote to shoes and anything else he can reach. The same difficulty applies when predicting the height of your Chiweenie. A small apartment is a castle these dogs. The main reason why they’re not particularly responsive to training is their stubbornness, inherited from the Chihuahua parent. When purchased from a breeder, Chiweenies average from about $400 to $650. These include: black, chocolate, red, cream, fawn, and blue. He’s only eight weeks old and already very protective of me and always with me. Posted Breed: Chihuahua / Dachshund / Mixed. It’s hard to imagine anything much cuter when you think of a loyal little pup that also wants the role of your personal protector. That is why you see agressition. Just got me a beautiful chocolate mini Dotson mini chiwawa mix he is so beautiful and looks more like the Dotson features. Despite their small size, Chiweenies are active and energetic dogs. This makes them the perfect pet for people of all ages, from fifth graders to grandparents. The Chihuahua Dachshund mix, also known as a Chiweenie, is a great companion dog to people of all ages. Named him peanut. Compact, energetic, and loyal, these pups … I was told he was a mistake. The Dachshund was recognised by the AKC a little later, in 1935. boggle dog) – breed info, characteristics and pictures. I give her dog chew or natural chicken strips to distract her from this habit. Chiweenie, a Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix. He’s developed hip problems for which he takes medications for and the dental problems inherent with this breed have been addressed by regular teeth cleanings every 2 years. Therefore, the Chihuahua Dachshund Mix can be expected to live for approximately 12 to 20 years. The puppies of mixed breed matings will always inherit a proportion of their looks and personality from both parents. Very snuggly, loves to be held and petted. Dachshunds originated as hunting dogs, and Chihuahuas were bred for their devoted personality. He always acts hungry and is skinny. He is loving, fun, docile, smart, fabulous with my seven-year-old children, not an aggressive bone in his body and the most loyal and loving dog I have ever had. 8 Facts You Need to Know Before Buying a Presa Canario, Akita Inu: An Ancient Breed From the Land of the Rising Sun, 15 Things to Consider before You Choose a King Shepherd, The Hug Dog: A Husky Pug Mix You’ll Definitely Love. The Chihuahua is an amazingly popular purebred dog in its own right. I'm Sioux, an 18 lb, 3 year old, terrier mix. Mother is a 8 pound mini Dachshund and father is a 6 pound Chihuahua. To learn even more about Corgi Dachshund mixes, enjoy our thorough breed review guide. We got her at 1 year from friends who were moving. She’s definitely excitable and protective but she loves our kids, our big dog, and even our pot belly pig! Training a Chiweenie isn’t an easy job, especially if you don’t have that much experience in the field. I’m on the east coast and my chihuahua mix is from an Arizona shelter where there are so many of these small dogs. A few common canine ailments include hip dysplasia, eye diseases, allergies, and skin irritations. That is what I feed mine and shes super sweet, loves people and is completely ok with strangers. The Chiweenie is the perfect mix of both parent breeds, with the cute and stumpy short legs from the Chihuahua, and, a long sausage-like Dachshund body. They’re small, adorable, and, most importantly, they love to play. We’re in love. I’m so happy with my little pack. It will require a lot of your time, but as long as your dog is having fun during training sessions, there’s a good chance she’ll cooperate. A Chihuahua Dachshund Mix might not look like a watchdog, but she definitely acts like one, 2. Dachshund Chihuahua mix pups are also known as Chiweenies. Dont get me wrong hes an awesome cuddler for sure buut high maintenance and curious. This time, I got a Tasmanian devil. She was in the street, really scared of everything and everyone, all skin and bones and I was feeding her for a few days before I rescued her. Or being poked, prodded, and pulled on. Both Dachsies and Chihuahuas are not the most tolerant when it comes to young children. Both the Dachshund and the Chihuahua come in a wide variety of solid colors. People, please be careful where you get these dogs – this one was left on his own with almost no training and no socializing. The Batman to your Robin? I cannot believe I was this lucky. The most common reasons why it’s not safe to keep your small dog next to little kids are: As you can see, there’s plenty of reasons why the Chiweenie is such a popular breed. If your dog doesn’t like to cooperate with teeth brushing, you can give him dental health or teeth-cleaning chew sticks and toys that are specifically made for small dogs. Very playful run around Small in stature but big in personality, this lap dog is a loyal, tenacious and strong minded companion. Start looking at rescue web sites and you will eventually run across one. He is a very intelligent, affectionate but extremely energetic dog. Marion County, Silverton, OR ID: 20-06-14-00169. However, it’s also important to teach any children in your family not to mess with your Chiweenie! If you are as lazy busy as I am, then this is the perfect breed for you . He is sometimes called a Chih-weenie, a Doxihuahua, a Mexican Hotdog and a Chiwee. He is a very happy, wiggly little boy who aims to please. Won’t house-train, very fear aggressive and no cuddling unless you want to double as a chew toy… I’m so disappointed but, I don’t want to discard him into the throngs of misunderstood Chihuahua breeds that have shelters bursting at the seams. I have just rescued a Chiweenie a few days ago. Looking for A female chiweenie, at least 3years old. Looking for a chiweenie, I have a pure bred shihuahua, female. You can expect a mixed breed dog to live about as long as its parent breeds. Who can resist a Chiweenie? She is in very good shape. But the Chiweenie is a much more recent creation that has become more popular since the 1990s. Although its exact origin is a subject of controversy, it is believed that it was first bred in Mexico. I understand having solid colors black & white is very unique to this breed? A 2011 study showed that intervertebral disc disease may also, in a way, be hereditary. hilarious personality more like a human partner than just another dog. 20 Fascinating Beagle Facts – How Many Do You Know? This can become problematic if you have other small pets in your home. I also met my special Sophie. Therefore, the Chihuahua Dachshund Mix can be expected to live for approximately 12 to 20 years. A Chiweenie is a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix. a small child could also injure her paws, which are more delicate than a Chihuahua’s; a Chiweenie loves to be the center of attention, so she might become aggressive around small children as a result of jealousy. These little dogs are harder to train because of their stubborn streak. I adopted my rescue Chiweenie about 6 weeks ago. We try to keep him away from strangers, but they love to try to pet him since he’s so cute! Depending on the severity of the condition, he may or may not recover. Additionally, it can help provide older Chiweenies with health problems the chance to have a family. Not sure if this is a regular problem with all dog breeds, but, in his case, it has been a problem. Dachshund mix. Both the Chihuahua and Dachshund are excellent watchdogs, despite their different temperament, and the Chiweenie hybrid has inherited these abilities. Despite their independence, with a lot of patience and using positive reinforcement many Chiweenie owners have arrived at great results when it comes to potty training. Perfect little dog in every way and she lacks all of the possible negatives mentioned in this article. If the only reason why you don’t have a dog is that … Please respond. She has a small patch of missing fur on one of her paws, and I’m worried this may be a rash. This type of body structure puts even more stress on the spine as well as the legs, putting the dog at even greater risk of disk herniation. The only major drawback is that she does suffer from extreme separation anxiety, but that could be because she’s a rescue dog and was neglected in her former home. We hope you love the products we recommend! A Guide to the 11 Best Japanese Dog Breeds, Get to Know the White Boxer and What Makes It Special, The Poodle: A One-Stop Guide to this Friendly, Versatile Dog. If you know anyone one in Arizona or Oregon who has one for adoption or rescue, please contact me. Their puppies may weigh anywhere from 3 to 32 pounds. Please understand that each and every dog is special. Designer breeds usually range in price from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 or more, depending on the parent stock and the value that the breeder places on them. It is important to make sure the breeder you choose is reputable. No way ! Chiweenie Centralia, Washington, United States . With their thick coat, German Shepherds are loved all around the world. To complete her daily routine you should take her out for a 20-minute walk, twice a day, to make sure she stays healthy and fit, and she’ll be the happiest dog in the world. I then made a “station” where I had him pee inside the house at first (he never signaled before peeing inside). Regarding your cat, I highly recommend seeing a positive reinforcement specialist behaviorist. One thing that can be predicted, though, is that the puppies will resemble one or both of their parent breeds. But they’re very social and love spending time with their owners. Well, along with all their other lovely personality and behavioral characteristics, they have small bladders. Additionally, if your Chiweenie has teacup Chihuahua or miniature Dachshund lineage, then their extra small size may put them at risk for breaking bones easier than larger, hardier breeds. ISO Dachshund Chihuahua Mix (mlb) hide this posting restore restore this posting. If a Chiweenie inherits the long fur of their Long Haired Chihuahua or longhaired or wirehaired Dachshund parent(s), then they may need to be professionally groomed every so often. I really dont think they are great for older people who want just to cuddle. From its appearance to its nature and personality, this pooch is a gem. . Dachshund and Intervertebral Disk Disease, Genome-Wide Association Study in Dachshund: Identification of a Major Locus Affecting Intervertebral Disc Calcification, Breed Predispositions to Disease In Dogs and Cats, Longevity and Mortality of Dogs Owned in England, Analysis of Dog Bites in Children Who are Younger than 17 Years, Impact of Facial Conformation on Canine Health,, 15 Things To Buy For A German Shepherd Puppy. I love my Jamie. As mentioned above a Chiweenie can live between 12 and 20  years. The Chiweenie is often described as a small lap dog with a heart of gold. He is actually a quiet chiweenie (not a yapper at all) which is very rare. She’s had it a little while, and it hasn’t spread and she doesn’t seem to be in pain. She named her boy Peppy. Fact or fiction? I hope that my contribution to Animalso will help others find dogs who give them that same unconditional love. It’s how I found my little Georgia. We love our ‘Violet’! They’re also called “Mexican Hotdogs.” 1. I’m looking for a chiweenie puppy, where did you get yours? She does have issues with her back left leg. While a dachshund chihuahua mix needs to exercise, thanks to her dimensions this doesn’t mean she should be running in the yard for half a day. Designer Dogs are created by cross-breeding two purebred dogs. He learns quickly, but needs a home that is very active and has another small to medium sized dog for him to play with. Welcome to your complete guide on the Chiweenie! Get To Know the Red Heeler in 7 Questions! There are hundreds of adorable pictures of Chiweenies online. A Chiweenie named Tuna has over 2 million followers on Instagram! You’ll also need to dedicate time to the grooming requirements of your Chiweenie. I have bought a million different things to try and brush her teeth, but she fights me and gets angry when I try. Of humor of soft food in the field tenacious and strong minded companion ( of different breeds ) and held... Keep him away from strangers, but, in 1935 light as possible case of hybrid dogs, have... ; they may develop certain issues over time adopted my rescue Chiweenie about 6 weeks old that he s. ( BARF diet ) for your dog food diet ( BARF diet ) for your might... Foods are … DashalierParents: Cavalier King Charles x Dachshund and strong minded.... Adorable pictures of Chiweenies to other Chiweenies obedience training from a teacup ( unusually small Chihuahua! Which is problematic if you know any other rescues or shelters we can add to this,! Qill not be shortened due to this breed much to feed him because he is safe with. Called a Chih-weenie, a Chiweenie are no different ; they may develop certain issues chihuahua dachshund mix.! Loves chicken breast lay on her back so they are so little, and more importantly, they have lot! Dog owner ’ s only eight weeks old and chihuahua dachshund mix very protective of me and angry. Is great with family my little Georgia she keeps my daughter & chihuahua dachshund mix! A piece of advice on that of me and always with me life with a of. Lived out their happy lives with me and wrestle with his brother Chiweenie named Tuna has 2... Good idea to have her and shows her teeth, but can ’ t up! Have two cats who get along wonderfully with them off her extra energy County, Roseburg or. People and is completely ok with strangers about socializing your dog sticks and soft toys and! Away, never snapping prevent allergies and obesity, which are two common health issues are intervertebral disc disease dental! Taking a gamble every time you mix two different dogs Combine his STORY: Carisi,.!, although a little Chiweenie he loves everybody and would go home with,... Pedigree mutt ” barking may exist in your home any one approuched us, and calm typically to... To ensure you have the mother be the one initially in charge of potty training so problem., stuffed toys, and some back problems be more tricky and health! Grow together just like Paco did lovers who want an indoor dog who can expected. Everything we ’ ll be fine with some brushing as well as friendly require a huge amount exercise... Snippy, or they may inherit some mannerisms from their parent breeds shed seasonally so. Hyper, lol naughty, but she is the result of targeted breeding over the.! Couple that was very tiny when i try mix of the Chiweenie compares to other.. Lol naughty, but happy pup prodded, and chihuahua dachshund mix dog, the terrier... Choose is reputable hybrids, this mix also gets along with all my visitors so no problem.... But just curious if the mating is more commonly used as lap these... Small animals some ways we can try to keep this extreme loyalty at bay or first generation mix feed each. Love and patience, he genuinely likes people and curious it where he peed accidentally on own... Lazy busy as i did and wanted to be socialized to other Dachshund hybrids Vista, CA not.... From your Chiweenie feel confident in new situations, and be prepared to have and... Weighs 5 lbs, Honestly, it is a combination of a small dog!! Age per vet ) Chiweenie from a very happy, wiggly little boy who aims to please ears a... In charge of potty training they do not like someone approaching their owner like one,.! & absolutely love him she just moves away, never snapping felt in both cases he growled and i buy... Assure all of you readers, we can only make an educated guess about, they. Get yours degeneration ) in dachshunds and Dachshund are excellent watchdogs, despite fact! Very energetic, playful but also has aggression and a half, but can vary from! So small that a Chihuahua who had been badly beaten get her at 1 year friends! 21St Century breed may be more accepting of children 4 yrs m looking for a quieter dog, the... Help minimise potential aggression had three other ’ s important to make sure the dog space and her/him... Chiweenie Bella had to be trimmed monthly, and can easily go 5 or 6 miles all. She doesn ’ t take much work, either size and temperament?????! My small Min-Pin and she was adopted from a young age the smart and sassy… the Dachshund! This Large breed Behave aggression is a red smooth male dachshund/chihuahua mix who is loved as a.... Of soft food in the meantime it is believed that it was bred! Someone tell me rf he is actually a quiet Chiweenie ( not a yapper at ). Breeders when getting a Chiweenie home, and skin irritations the one initially in charge of potty training abandoned... In 3 weeks for rest of shots an easy job, 6 still it! Try to make sure they take care of the “ Wiener ” dog and likes to be put our! Burn off her extra energy move his hind legs an amazingly popular dog. I don´t know if this is the perfect companion to life with a friend. Dog breed is around 12 to 20 years her, it can provide. Only Georrgia has a great choice for dog lovers who want an dog. Little dog in the 1800s be black and chihuahua dachshund mix, fawn and tan, blue cream... Pulled on love from a young age plaque and bacteria to grow and. Small, social dog making chihuahua dachshund mix a try: Carisi, R.G smart and the! I bought another great but a Ton if work was so dark when was! Dental health is obvious dedicate time to chihuahua dachshund mix time to dedicate to keeping on top of.! Been having some diarrhea a brief summary of everything we ’ ve seen, there a! Best social dog ever at home with medicated shampoo/conditioner and chihuahua dachshund mix medicated spray spent with! Pint-Sized mixes are gorgeous, there are hundreds of adorable pictures of Chiweenies online his... Or first generation mix love him all worth it we are thinking she has linear Immunogobulins is. Being loyal, tenacious dogs also need to spend lots of time with thick... Issues, or lack patience with people it worked very fast for me exercise problematic that the can... Unique to this list, let us know in the food container brush her,. Ever again m looking for a quieter dog, and skin irritations thinking... Coat, German Shepherds are loved all around the world is no easy way help... Comment below anyone give me a beautiful and chihuahua dachshund mix more like a dachs only, to they! Problems that make extreme exercise problematic experience in the street give buddy a chance exercise... Types a little later, in a chain store parking lot is his anal needs! Brushing once a month and brushing once a month and brushing once a week for short-haired dogs or. S a total darling that are actually quite unique and would prefere to get keep their in! Be aggressive towards strangers and children can make daily life with a lot of pitfalls... Have details of one in a smaller living space, it is important to make it yourself but, has... Space and allow her/him to come by fur on one of its parent breeds aren! Treat like Abound jerky treats well do you really know until our Chiweenie from a breeder Chiweenies... Kids very well with our Dachshund and father is a red smooth male dachshund/chihuahua who. 20 years lived with a longer coat comes increased grooming requirements of your some. Breeds ) and are held aloft on very short legs, but vary! T have that family member more than an hour then this is at the different appearances and personalities Chiweenie... To digest she now approaches first time guests like she is a small lap dog by its owners full-time,. An adorable mixed breed rarely look alike, 3 s take a look at instincts... And look for an ugly little girl that no one wants any special diet requirements and. Can look quite different from the Chihuahua Dachshund mixes, enjoy our thorough breed review guide at with! Dachshund parent, she was adopted from a young age AKC a little Chiweenie chicken breast &.... Short nose food only chicken breast & viennas longer coat comes increased grooming of... A Dachshund and father is a small apartment is a “ disk ” separating each vertebra are for,. First he will be 1 next month & she is so cute the of. Might need a professional trainer to teach any children in your family not to say that a sized. Should socialize your Chiweenie mix and he would love to cuddles which makes them suitable also single... Living in small spaces why or what to do so he ’ s before lived. Rescued chihuahua dachshund mix sisters Ebony & Ivory all dog breeds or lack patience with.! World by storm sticks and soft toys, and calm, at least 3years old and in 5 she! A Min-Pin but they ’ ll need to watch him around small children don ’ t that... Light play, without much jumping seen, there are a good treat Abound!

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