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Okay I know... a pretty strange video. Kikyō sadly thinks to herself that she cannot help because things have changed. Even as his face cracks from the force of the Meidō's pull, Naraku explains even if he's destroyed, the jewel will still exist. before Naraku turned to youkai, he was a blind theif who loved Kikyou. At Hakudoshi's command, Kohaku takes a box from the demon's body. He then offers himself to demons to recreate his body, becoming a composite of several thousand demons. The shard is purified, but Naraku and Kikyō's arrow disappear. Kagura is part of Naraku. Share. This brings a memory of Naraku back to Hakushin, one where Naraku tells Hakushin to hate everyone. -NO! And yet, Naraku seemed to despise her to his very core. Naraku attempts to take Kikyō again, saying that he's won; however, Kikyō thinks to herself that Naraku will know if she lost when he dies. But Onigumo felt something for Kikyo: an unhealthy obsession. Miroku tries to approach for a closer look, but is stopped by a barrier. Kikyo then moved to a temple and began helping to heal the wounds of the soldiers. I shot an arrow at naraku and he drops Kikyo. YES!!!! Fulfilling the last will of Kikyo, his body is burned next to the pearl of Shikon. Naraku trying to grab the Shikon Jewel from Kikyo. Kagura returns to Kohaku and Hakudōshi, the latter is resting inside of a barrier. Kikyō tells Kagome to protect Kohaku and the final shard; this confuses Kagome as Kikyō should have been saved by the arrow she shot at her. Kōga decides to go along with Midoriko's plan and heads for the jewel. A person who truly loves another will find happiness just by seeing the person they love happy." After all, Naraku was born out of Onigumo's desire to take Kikyō for himself. Mt. she's like... same as Hakudōshi, who is born from Naraku! ... After they kill Naraku, and the jewel is completed (spoiler), the well seals for 3 years and Kagome and Inuyasha are seperated. Will their spirits ever find peace? Inuyasha lovED kikyo. Consumed by Onigumo's jealousy, Naraku used a sword to cut the skin off of his back. My sister several times wore a looney tunes shirt, mickey mouse being 32 years old, what do I do to get her out of this? When the men of a palace asked her to cure his master's illness, Kikyō involuntarily accompanied them to the palace, only to discover a dark aura around the castle. Kikyō wonders why Kagome can see the webs as well, but then immediately realizes the answer. I will allow you one choice. Does Kikyo hate Kagome? However, this time, he has no trouble with maintaining control of his actions, actually being able to go through with trying to kill Kikyō. … Naraku looks at me and I step out of hiding.. No Kagura was merely his servant he had her heart in his possesion and she couldnt be free unless he was killed.She hated Naraku, i agree, but i didnt watch the whole series through, second one im not sure, 2. Secretly Kikyo was also taking care of a bandit named Onigumo, who had been burned and was immobilized, so out of pity Kikyo fed and cared for her, she told Kaede that she could not tell Inuyasha because knowing him was going to make her jealous. He then realized Kikyō was still alive and made it his main goal to kill her once again. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Moved, Kikyō kissed him and professed her love in his arms. Naraku erected a barrier that prevented her soul collectors from accessing Kikyo, which left her unable to move. Why? However, the corrupted fragment is not enough to control Kikyō and she destroys the Naraku puppet. Does anyone actually LIKE Naraku? Under the assumption that he could control Kikyo, Naraku tied a corrupted fragment of the Shikon Jewel to a soul and placed it inside the priestess before sending it behind Kagome. spoiler[Kikyo gives an arrow that has Onigumo's dirt to Kagome (actually she gives it to Inuyasha so he can hand it to Kagome), so Kagome can shoot it to Naraku … InuYasha and Kagome moments by SweetCuteKagome, Elsewhere, Naraku feels Kagome come free from his spiderwebs; however, he's not too surprised by this turn of events. I never got why he made Kikyo and Inuyasha kill each other......Naraku seemed obessed with getting rid of his heart so he could forget his human side. Suddenly Naraku's pieces and Kikyō's arrow appear within Hakudōshi's barrier. However, later in the show, he takes action against Kikyo and tries killing her multiple times. Kagome knew it was a long shot but she had to try. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Saying that Kikyō has lost to him, Narku flees. Back in the Demon Slayer Village, Miroku, Kagom… His form is also different, having abandoned much of his bone armor. However, Naraku explains that the jewel forced him to make its own wish; it will come true the moment he dies. Kikyo seeing this sends one of his assistants to the western mountains for something he needs. thats why it was so pasionate; because it was the last. Kagome calls Inuyasha over to Kikyō, who is getting worse. Kikyo finally arrives at the mountain of the animas, where all the demons can enter without any problem, she realizes when Kagura is escaping from the mountain with something in her arms and shoots one of her arrows, Kagura manages to dodge her and when she is point of attacking Kikyo what he carries in his arms stops her and tells her that she is not the one who is going to destroy Kikyo, then Kagura continues on her way. Inuyasha catches her just as Naraku begins closing his wound. Naraku's relationship with Kikyō was very complicated and changed quite often in the series. Despite being slightly tainted by the miamsa, the jewel remains largely unaffected, and pierces his heart, swamping him in a wave of purifying energy. Naraku is the main antagonist of the manga series, Inuyasha. I pull back the string and arrow and get ready to shoot, but I accidentally step on a stick. I will allow you one choice. Inuyasha realizes … Kikyō gives her helpers a piece of her hair and sends them off. Kikyo hands over to Naraku the shards of the Jewel she stole from Kagome. Realizing that Kikyō intends to purify him with the jewel, Naraku attempts to corrupt the jewel again by releasing a cloud of miasma. It turned out that the castle master was the man who once called himself Onigumo before he was born as Naraku, Naraku was surprised to see that Kikyo was alive. NEW LOVER: From the moment you saw Sesshomaru, you knew immediately that he was important to you, even though if you've … Ultimately, Naraku triumphs, albeit heavily wounded, and reclaims the tainted jewel. Later Kikyo asked her sister Kaede to be burned with the pearl after she fell dead due to the wound caused by Naraku. Inuyasha hits Hakudōshi with his Wind Scar, but the pieces of Hakudōshi's flesh flee, leaving a warning behind: so long as Kikyō keeps running, Naraku will continue to attack. He tells her to go find Inuyasha and tell him Musō is headed towards Kaede's village. Kikyo was his first love so there will always be those lingering feelings which often makes him confused about who he loves more but as someone else has already said the relationship between him and Kikyo may also have been a strong friendship and mistook that friendship for feelings of love. Inuyasha was sealed to the sacred tree, and Kikyo died by having her body burned alongside the Shikon Jewel. your first love is really hard to let go off. And that is how many demons murged to become one, a demon named Naraku, myself. Hakudoshi places the box and opens it, releasing innumerable demonic rats in a small town. Narakik/InuKag. Immediately before his death, Naraku stated that the only true wish that he made on the Shikon Jewel was to have Kikyō's heart for himself, but, like all others, the Jewel declined to grant his wish. The attack simply passes through him and his web-like tentacles prevent him from being sucked in. The entire story plot revolves around the love between inuyasha and kikyou if you hadnt noticed folks (yes the love between him and kagome is also one of the largest plots), the entire reason onigumo became naraku was to get the love of kikyou that was his wish, and why he tried so hard to separate and make the two hate each other. Hakudoshi faces a rat demon, and Kohaku kills him. but I was so excited to make it because I think that naraku and kikyo are a quiet interesting und mysterious pairing. Afterwards, Kohaku turns to Kanna when he sees Kikyo's assistants. I think the problem with it is just that it's a very one-sided love and obsession on Onigumo/Naraku's part rather than being reciprocated in any way. Naraku taunts Kikyō, saying Inuyasha made it in time to watch her die. Elsewhere, Naraku has returned to the remains of Mount Hakurei, where Onigumo's voice greets him; Naraku explains Kikyō was there when he took back the Infant, and Kohaku's shard was emitting a frightfully pure light. Once their battle ends, they will be consumed by the very darkness they helped create; he once more says that Kikyō's light has died. Eventually he surcomed to his weakness and called forth the demons. Naraku's origin lays in the human, Onigumo. However, any heart deserves salvation. Get your answers by asking now. Copy link. Miroku checks his hand and sees the Wind Tunnel is no more, meaning Naraku is dead. This confuses Kagome, who is reunited with everyone else. Inuyasha and Kōga flee the shattered spike, but Naraku pulls out Kōga's shards at the last second. Kikyō's soul collectors arrive, pouring more souls into her and she telepathically tells Kagome to fire an arrow at her to purify the jewel. Kikyo x Inuyasha | Source: Fandom. Eventually, his shard is removed by Naraku, killing him, but Kikyo's light resurrects him. Kikyo holds an arrow pointing at Naraku, but trembling. If he couldn't have her, no-one could. Completed. Amused that Kohaku was never so careless, Naraku has his hand chopped off. Naraku wanted the jewel to become a full fledged demon and relieve himself of the weakness that is Kikyo, but Onigumo's soul, still inside Naraku still loves Kikyo. Watch later. However as I’ve been rewatching it over the quarantine I’ve wondered if anyone actually found themselves feeling bad for him in some ways or apologetic towards him? Inuyasha notes they should keep an eye on the cave; he detects a scent. She is however selfish and spiteful in my opinion and the one comment that got to me was someone saying Kagome will never understand Kikyo's pain. Naraku is responsible for most of the characters' misfortunes, including the death of Kikyo, the sealing of Inuyasha to the sacred tree, Miroku's curse, and the death of Sango's family. But Kikyo saw that Naraku's true reason for wanting the jewel shards was to become all demon because he still has Onigumo's heart, which both the spider-scar and Naraku's feelings for Kikyo represent. Kagome is a short distance away, noticing she only has one arrow left. Farther away, Rin wonders if they lost Naraku; however, no such luck. After Kikyo sensing that something bad was happening nearby, she decided to leave with the help of her soul collectors. Naraku's desire for Kikyo is similar to people treating their partners as accessories rather as beloved; husbands battering their wives; and boyfriends/girlfriends leaving their girlfriends/boyfriends to be a single parent. The Saimyōshō indicates that Kohaku must kill them, when it attacks, the figures of puppets fall to the ground and Kikyō arrives firing an arrow to Kohaku but he manages to dodge it. Naraku looks at me and I step out of hiding.. The soul collectors save Kagome when Naraku knocks her off a cliff, and she successfully hits Kikyō with her arrow. Kagome says Naraku will never be satisfied as the jewel didn't grant his real wish. Narakik/InuKag. Using the new power from the Shards, Naraku created his Incarnations (demons made from his organs) and revive the Band of Seven. Will their spirits ever find peace? Because the priestess Kikyo was soo powerless, the region teamed with demons. Inuyasha curses his foe as he tries to use the Meidō Zangetsuha to no effect as Naraku absorbs the jewel. For starters I won't call her a bitch. She commits herself to finding Naraku. I think so. Kikyo and Kagome have two different personalities and Inuyasha is smart enough to know that. Nonetheless, immediately following his boast, the newly-reconstituted adamant spike explodes, revealing his underlying flesh and the Shikon jewel. What if: Kikyo and Naraku become unexpectedly mortal once again when a violent act of revenge causes unexpected results for the loathe-stricken couple. Kaede reveals to Inuyasha and Miroku that in a nearby cave, she and Kikyō once cared for a badly burnt thief, who ended up lusting for Kikyō and allowed his body to be consumed by yōkai from his desire for her and ended up creating Naraku. Sun filters down through the dense, misty forest canopy. While asking Kohaku why it serves Naraku, Naraku appears behind Kikyo without her being able to notice his presence and corners her. Something to say? Hakurei begins to collapse, and Naraku says he is going after Kikyo. 1 Synopsis 2 Summary 3 Characters in Order of Appearance 4 Notes Naraku emerges from Mount Hakurei and reveals his true purpose for taking refuge in the mountain: killing Kikyō. Kikyo visited her younger sister, Kaede and discovered that Naraku was responsible for her death and separation from Inuyasha. Kikyo: Go, Naraku. Gather the shards of the Jewel. Naraku spoiled Inuyasha and Kikyo’s plans by impersonating Inuyasha to steal the jewel, pitting Inuyasha and Kikyo against one another. So far, there are only 8 episodes. My article title originated from: Kikyo: Naraku and InuYasha's Obessession. Videos you watch may be … I am free to hate, free to love. 5) She does have a plan to kill Naraku. Sarah-IDK,they got along in the beginning and maybe they are together but he started to be a douchebag to her and she hated him. Inside a cave, Naraku sits as he looks at the Shikon Jewel, thinking of Onigumo, who desired Kikyō's heart and the jewel; a prisoner in his own body, the bandit fed it to demons, who merged into a new body for him called Naraku. Simpsons had first straight female president right after President Trump; she inherited budget crisis/crunch from him; is 'Murica doomed? However, any heart deserves salvation. Naraku who is fighting against Inuyasha, feels the presence of Kikyo and goes in his search. K: You killed me and tricked me into binding my lover's soul to a tree! Minor: Miroku, Sango, Shippo. Naraku taunts Kikyo, telling her that it must be hard for her to watch him take the last fragments. Kikyo then wakes up in Naraku's arms, implying that she allowed herself to be kidnapped with a purpose. Naraku was actually responsible for the main cast's misfortune, the death of Kikyo, and also sealing InuYasha. "Inuyasha. N: Yeah, but... K: I was unable to move on because i held that grudge! However, Kagome notices the jewel has vanished from Naraku's body. Kikyo confronts Naraku, who had been spying on her; Kikyō surmises that it's because Naraku still has Onigumo's heart beating within him, and bears feelings towards her. And once the jewel has been fully restored to its previous form, he refused to satiate Naraku’s longing. Naraku was created by evil bandit Onigumo, who offered his body unto demons out of his desire to have the priestess Kikyo and the Sacred Jewel all to himself. She is now free to hate, free to love, so much more free than when she was alive. Kagome is the reincarnation of a powerful priestess named Kikyo, Inuyasha's first love. yoki; songo; inuyasha +3 more # 15. Inuyasha cuts off Naraku's arm, only for Naraku to taunt him; there's only one shard left and no one will be able to protect it. Kikyo was devastated to see that she had been betrayed by the person she loved, then Naraku went to the village and placed the pearl in her sanctuary full of hate and transformed into Kikyo to trick Inuyasha, Naraku arrives where Inuyasha is waiting for Kikyo and he shoots an arrow at him, taunts Inuyasha saying half demon, Kikyo had previously promised never to call him that way after he told her his name, Inuyasha eludes her and runs away shattered by the supposed betrayal of his beloved Kikyo. Kohaku, Rin and Jaken quickly take off on A-Un. You're signed out. "Naraku, if you truly love Kikyo then you wouldn't wish away her free will just to be with you. Long post ahead! he said with a smirk running across his face. thats why when inuyasha though kikyo betrayed him, he was so hurt. What's the prop that a star took home from 'That '70s Show'? He does not openly combat Naraku during the final battle but protects Rin by giving her his mask. inuyasha was never able to choose between kikyo and kagome yes he abandoned kagome to go see or save kikyo several time he confessed in the final act that kikyo was his first love he even in the episode 48 decided to complete the trip with kikyo and to let go of kagome he had choosed kikyo over kagome after as he said she's the woman he had ever loved but in the other hand kagome was the … Kikyo: Stop it. Sarah's answer really summed it up well explaining that he cut out his heart and his love for her was why he couldn't kill her. Jaken becomes frightened for his life; if Rin dies a third time, he'll be killed by Sesshōmaru. Naraku taunts Kikyo, telling her that it must be hard for her to watch him take the last fragments. It floats into Naraku's hand, saying  that a human heart must not be so bad after all as all its base desires and negative emotions will help keep Naraku from being purified. How do you think about the answers? (been awhile so i'm not sure). Info. Kagura questioned him if he was losing his sanity, but he ordered her to clean up his mess instead. Naraku & Kikyo This is not a shipp. Hakurei 3.2 Post Mt. She worries because she can not feel her aura. Kagome feels the fragment of Kohaku jewels, as they get closer, the crystals they receive lose their demonic aura, which indicates that they approach Naraku and the stolen gem. A retainer saw this and Naraku slew him. Redeeming Qualities. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Pre Mt. Well, I'm a big fan of Naraku and Kikyo so I really love this pairing since I was 5 or 6 years old. Onigumo had lost his sanity. At first they battled each other but as time went on they both fell in love. Still have questions? Is it even possible for love in this world of illusory death? Kikyō, rather than retaining the purified jewel, fires the arrow at Naraku with the pure jewel on its tip. Naraku x Kagome (VERY Slow Updates) by Reaper-San. Kikyō and Hakushin reveal to one another that they tried to live without doubt or mistake, and Kikyō says doubt is human, and that is the reason people want to be divine. Inuyasha lovED kikyo. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Pre Mt. It required countless demons to create my body. Instantly growing tentacles to replace his hand, Naraku attempts to take the final jewel shard from Kohaku; however, a pure light comes from within the Shikon Jewel and flows into Kohaku's shard, learning Naraku burning in blue fire. Naraku begins taking her away, but Miroku grabs Kikyō, allowing him to see the webs. However, this attempt was thwarted by Inuyasha, who slew Naraku's demon. Can Kagome & InuYasha make love blossom in two dead, broken hearts? The light then hits the ground, racing to the Bone Eater's Well; Naraku's soul head appears with the jewel, saying the very moment Byakuya of the Dreams cut Kagome, he made a final wish on the jewel. I think that he had loved her....and he's trying to rid his feelings for her...Does anyone want to agree or disagree with me???? You can choose Kikyo, or you can choose kagome." I know Naraku’s sole purpose is to be the antagonist and thus is a very unlikable/hated character. I pull back the string and arrow and get ready to shoot, but I accidentally step on a stick. He then offers himself to demons to recreate his body, becoming a composite of several thousand demons. She tells him flatly that if he needs her, he'll have to send a messenger, for she is free to do what she wants, and will neither flee nor hide herself. The arrow pierces Hakudōshi's chest as Naraku slowly reassembles himself; although his body suffered tremendous damage, Hakudoshi's barrier gave him a link to return to the land of the living, and he cannot be slain as long as his heart is separate from his body. maybe you agree or you disagree. He was so thirsty for the miko that he tried to kill her when his plans to NTR her demon boyfriend, Inuyasha, went awry.

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