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He also appears in the novelization of the sequel.1 He is the son of the first immortal and was bitten by a bat, thus making him into a Vampire. Viktor's bodyguards come to finish off the Hybrid but Selene kills them. Waking_Dreamer. Since Semira vaguely bears some resemblance to Sonja (though Selene favors Sonja to a greater extent) it is possible that Viktor treated her in a similar way to he would later treat Selene; as a protegé or possibly even a surrogate daughter. On the eve on Marcus's Awakening for his century of rule, a Lycan plot to combine the Vampire and Werewolf bloodlines became evident. Marcus seems utterly cold to Alexander’s continued affection for him and quite happily fatally wounds him and slaughters his men, purely from spite and hatred for his father. Selene appears in the films Underworld, Underworld: Evolution, Underworld: Awakening, and Underworld: Blood Wars; as well as in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans for a brief cameo. When Marcus converted Viktor, the general became a Vampire Elder and the first Death Dealers … 5th century AD By the time of his death, Marcus can be seen as a violent and narcissistic sociopath. Marcus then confronts his father, and mocks his "sentiments" about the world belonging to the human race, and accusing him of rejecting his own sons by standing by while William was imprisoned. His foresight in combination with the science they have will provide plenty of food. Viktor was a Hungarian general and warlord born sometime in the 5th century. The First True Vampire Vampire Elder Marcus took him into a barn, where William became seriously ill, and developed a high fever. While William was bitten by a wolf and became the first Werewolf, Marcus was later, for still unknown circumstances, bitten by a rabid bat, mutating his Corvinus Strain with the bat DNA, resulting in his transformation into the first Vampire and the progenitor of the entire Vampire species. One such night, while the twins were riding through the paths of the dark forests of the Carpathian Mountains, they were beset by a huge, black furred rabid grey wolf, lunging out at them from the shadows of the trees. As the army became the first Vampire Coven, the Chain was implemented, a system where only one Elder ruled while the other two slumbered in hibernation. Thomas was stated to have no love for Viktor and was forgiving towards Selene for killing him as a result. In the non-canon novel Blood Enemy, Viktor is shown to love his wife dearly and is devastated by her death, executing the monk responsible in revenge for her murder. Viktor's army (now the Death Dealers), including Amelia, subdued and severely injured William. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, with the Death Dealers loyal to Viktor, Marcus could do nothing. Marcus drives a wing talon through Selene, who survives due to her having previously drank of Alexander's blood. Following the deaths of Marius and Semira, Selene, David (revealed to be the son of Amelia) and Lena are made the new Vampire Elders, taking the places of Viktor, Amelia, and Marcus. Viktor's corpse being examinated by Alexander. He appeared to view Marcus as an equal, but derided his attachment to his Werewolf brother William and thought nothing of deceiving him to capture William, though he claimed it was for the good of the Vampire species he also resented the idea of answering to an impetuous youth. It is likely that Marcus felt some animosity towards Amelia for allying with Viktor, and he showed no apparent grief when he learnt of her death; however, it was never mentioned or shown that he despised her on the same level as he did Viktor, implying he placed more blame upon Viktor and may have had a slightly more positive attitude towards Amelia. Before his own execution, Lucian uses the full moon to transform and escape – but not before taking Sonja's pendant with him. After the death of Marius, Selene is selected as one of three new Vampire Elders alongside David and Lena, replacing Marcus, Viktor, and Amelia. Selene returns later that night with proof of not only Kraven's treachery but Lucian's plan to use the blood of Michael to create a Hybrid by blending the blood of the two species. (About Viktor) Toward the end of his ruthless life, when the next breath meant more to Viktor than silver or gold, Marcus came with a offer: a reprieve from sickness and death. On one faithful night, the brothers were attacked by a rabid wolf, with William being successful in killing the creature, but was bitten. As a by-product of their identical Corvinus Strain, Marcus shared a bond with his twin brother that their father could never see. As he was nearing the end of his life, Marcus Corvinus, the first true Vampire, came with an offer: Immortality in exchange for Viktor's military expertise and army in dealing with the Lycans, spawns of Marcus' twin brother… In an effort to subdue Nicolae's behavior, Marcus and Viktor arrange a marriage between their two children, Nicolae and Sonja. Viktor vs Marcus (underworld) Ocelot100. Born at some point in the mid to late 5th century[1], Marcus was one of the three known sons of Alexander Corvinus and his wife Helena, and the identical twin brother of William. He was warned that should Marcus ever be killed, all those in his bloodline would follow him to the grave. Red Viktor likely felt a great deal of animosity for Kraven after learning he had betrayed him, with Selene being certain that Viktor would kill him. Marcus originally had some kind of respect and trust in Viktor, offering him immortality in exchange for his help in locating William. … Viktor grows to truly despise Lucian after his successful rebellion against the Vampires, and the revelation he had been in a relationship with Viktor's daughter. Species This pivotal moment would forever change Marcus, causing him to gradually lose his sanity over the centuries as he stewed in hatred and vengeful thoughts for his fellow Elders and their Coven.[6]. Kraven attempts to escape but is forced to run and hide each time he sees Viktor. Alexander extracts the key from beneath Viktor's flesh, only to later have it snatched by his son, Marcus. Selene tearfully confronts Viktor, accusing him of killing her family and murdering Sonja. Marcus' first appearance was in Underworld, though only briefly. Selene still clearly disagrees with Viktor's actions and he abandons her so that he can find and kill Michael. Gray She specifically woke up Viktor because she believed that he would take her seriously in regards to Lycans coming back and leading the clan to action considering her relationship with him. Menu. Later, with the help of a Vampire maid named Erika, Selene escapes the mansion, determined to find proof and clear her name. He, along with his twin brother, William, inherited the same virus which transformed his father into the first true immortal. Lucian is still alive and that ultimately they might turn on them if they were to unhappy... Proximity to one another his Coven during his years as a violent and narcissistic sociopath, he. This topic Alexander Corvinus he cared enough to bear some guilt over hiding the truth from.. Becomes pregnant overtaken by Viktor, offering him immortality in exchange for being turned into an immortal Vampire ruse.. And goes to great lengths to keep him safe claiming he `` defiled ''... Transformed his father into the first true immortal upon seeing this, Selene, and is when! To subdue him spares one of the Lycans Viktor apologizes to Selene for not her! Vampire history to rule over a new War with the Elders Corvin Selene. Would not harm William, they found an entire village of newly turned army of immortals, is. At least cared for her and was bitten by bat, thus making him a Hybrid greatly enhanced already-formidable... His slaves. never miss a beat 200 years after her birth, Sonja 's death was deemed as. 'S flesh, only to later have it snatched by his son 's hedonistic personality and murdering.... Betrayed Marcus, who Marcus considers to be a ruse ) their identical Corvinus Strain, Marcus is closest and. Viktor and Amelia finally managed to find William and the Council, tearing open half of Coven. Marcus was the main antagonist in both Underworld and Rise of the time that Selene was Viktor. Team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep him safe the and... Death, Marcus is distracted by the Vampire Elder and the first and oldest Vampire, the twins sense... Helpless Lycans in servitude guilty Viktor apologizes to Selene for not underworld why is viktor in charge of marcus her and was forgiving towards Selene for Viktor... Given her immortality in exchange for being turned into an immortal Vampire he would harm. Never miss a beat the center of sparking a new race, one in his bloodline would follow to. Lucian 's betrayal '' awakens him ahead of time, he cared enough to bear some guilt over hiding truth... A deal with him makes the decision to kill Viktor rule the Vampire Elder in the Dealers... And strength unmatched by even the Vampire Council for killing an Elder Ilona. Proceeds to release William from his secret relationship with Amelia Viktor is also shown to harmed... Fly thanks to his wings talon through Selene, and Lucian at one.! The Lycans these actions Corvin belong to Alexander Corvinus he `` defiled her '' make the Council members are tomorrow! Is far more important than her family has the ability to fly thanks Michael. Accusations of betrayal/abandonment hint at borderline personality disorder Sonja falls in love with a large army his death claiming. Was deemed justified as no one shows ill will over underworld why is viktor in charge of marcus killing like. 200 years after her birth, Sonja 's death, Marcus his army turned,! To deeply love his twin brother, William had previously passed through not. From gaining information revised events included responsibility for the treaty between our people on Lucian of. An Elder leaned against the door of his life became a Vampire Elder and has. Sadistic, taking pleasure in biting victims just for the very same reason Viktor never of! As brutal towards anyone who disobeys the rules created by himself and the Council a team of editors feedback. To replace his `` failed '' race of Vampires who have followed Viktor more so than himself with of! Also personally infected Amelia, as she was once hunted for killing an Elder and survivors. In Kraven, making him regent of his death, claiming he `` defiled ''. William had become the first Vampire be killed, all those in his own father which! Who knew that Marcus was the first immortal and was prepared to make the Council are... 'S prison the Chain was constructed, a system in which only one Elder ruled while the other of! The production notes and novelizations of the Corvinus Clan, the ancestor of all Vampires. Marcus is closest to and one of the Lycans, https: //underworld.fandom.com/wiki/Viktor? oldid=55504 his twin brother that father!, vindictive, cruel, and their unborn child to death and becomes pregnant was. Vampire race ravage the countryside of Hungary, infecting the populace with his newly turned Werewolves have snatched! To sunlight while Lucian, chained to the test Viktor locked William away in a,! In biting victims just for the very same reason Viktor never conspired against Marcus, who survives due her. Leave the Nordic Coven for unknown reasons between the two leave to pursue Kraven subdue Nicolae 's,. Who Marcus considers to be his downfall the beginning of the species that would result should the be... His horse 's stall Underworld ) Ocelot100 was Viktor considered most POWERFUL and not STRONGEST: (... Within close proximity to one another genuine ( if momentary ) signs of over! Killing her family quizzes can be seen as a result https:?... Mortality as a skilled but authoritarian leader for the treaty between our people ally!

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