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If you want the color you get from an “ordinary” shellac that has not been de-waxed, you can put it down to get your desired color, then top that with a coat of de-waxed which is pretty light in color, then put down coats of polyurethane. I would also like to spray it so there are NO brush marks. Did you know the food industry uses it to make candy shine? A coat of shellac will dry in about a half hour. If you leave a pound of dewaxed flake under the weight of other supplies in a closed car trunk on a hot … In this instructables I decided to demonstrate with figured maple because the unique grain pattern really pops after french polish. About the subject of shellac; he uses shellac as a primer for oily and silicone affected area of your work before applying your final finishes as Poly urethane. In both cases, I suspect the problem was not giving the stain sufficient time to dry before top coating. I find this method works best for me. (a little double entandre there). I am working on a pipe organ that is probably over 100 years old, specifically the facade wood where I need to fabricate additional panels as part of augmenting the organ size.I have removed a filler strip of wood and shown it to several people who seem unable to identify the species, this was after I planed the back to reveal the full natural color and grain. That is the only claim that was made. The clear is dewaxed. NOTE: Blocking is Not detrimental to the shellac flake. On one production run it could be near zero, on another it could be alot, and it could depend on a myriad of factors, ranging all the way back to the collection point somewhere in India. 4. old t-shirt cloth or stockings (Used as a filter). 3) Mixing your own shellac is cheap. It is very shabby and needs a repolish. The pine 1×5 are staying put for now. Love the podcast & videos. They all have to be completely refinished to get the poly to stick. Don’t know how that applies to your test, but let’s see what it looks like in a year. All content on The Wood Whisperer is copyrighted, and may not be reprinted in full form without my written consent. The area where this piano is stored is also limited, so french polishing would be the ideal solution.The surface of the piano is not polyurethane. DO NOT USE DIRECT HEAT for this. I love the light color and was wondering if I can apply a wax over the sanded surface. a 2 pound cut is simply a 4 to 1 solution, a 1 pound cut is simply an 8 to 1 solution by weight. I’ve recently started doing Pet Portraits on Basswood slabs and my paints and the end coat of poly were soaking in at a ridiculously annoying rate. To make the finish ready for french polish, you'll need: 3. When I first started do wood work I didn’t know I “couldn’t” put urethane over shellac, I have done it for years with no particular problems. Interesting video and fun to watch but I don’t plan on using shellac with wax in it on one of my projects that gets poly for a top coat. The shellac will also have a bigger chance to get stuck on the wood if the pad is not folded correctly. The Poly should be very rigid, but the shellac is pretty flexible. I found that out when I visited the website. The solution is then filtered through a fine cloth which removes any insoluble matter and reduces the naturally occurring wax contained in the Lac from 3%-5% to … You will instantly notice that the dewaxed is clear while the other is quite cloudy. Anyway I like your article. And hopefully we’ll hear from some folks who have had experiences, good and bad, with this finish combination. -Shellac (In this case I made a batch of 2 lb. I wonder whether it causes issues with the oil, because IPA is a reasonable degreaser. Something to note about wax. Knowing better now, I do use Charles Neil’s blotch control and leave the shellac for a top coat or for coatings on tools/parts etc. There are many different shades of shellac flakes available online. What is the basic purpose of the seal coat? Can you explain the “cut” concept? Thanks for opening the can of worms and letting us all fish. I actually wrote to General Finishes a few weeks ago to ask about using a shellac seal coat under their new Enduro-Var poly. Can you be sure that “whatever shellac” anyone else may have on hand has no more wax in it than what was the one sample you tested? Instructions for removing the coating involve alcohol and steel wool, and some elbow grease. Thanks again!~, OK just to throw some wood on the fire so to speak, I am an artist and have recently done some large, 4 x5 feet, shellac paintings on dibond(aluminum panels) I love the transparent quality of the shellac but want to protect it from scratching. Write a Review. Maybe someday I will be more comfortable with the finishing process. If you need to go lighter or darker, you might try a water-based dye to add a subtle color shift, then topcoat again with the shellac. I told the builder not to wax it, but…I used wax remover and steel wool and lots of time on my hands and knees to get the wax up and thought I had done pretty well. I would usually spray it with a good quality automotive paint, but as I don't have the facilities and drying room, this option is out of the question. I think there’s a big difference. Using both duct tape and Scotch tape over a grid work of slices made with an X-acto knife, no lifting of the finish was observed on any of the boards. There are many different shades of shellac flakes available online. Thanks for doing this test and showing the results Marc. Thanks for taking the time to do it. In every case these finishes are still in great condition, including on one piece that I have often used as a footstool. Rubbing with Xs and Os will drag some of the filler out of the grain. Don't forget to seal the pores with fine pumic powder (mixed with shellac + ethanol ca. I did three coats of Bullseye Shellac on my butcher block kitchen counters and have a sink in the middle and did not know about the “wax” issue. As you move forward to multiple sessions, switch sand paper to much finer grit(1000 or 1200) so the sand paper itself doesn't create scratches on the finish. I applied orange shellac, sanded lightly and then topcoated with in some cases Waterlox varnish, on others I used poly. The varnish allows you to still have a tough, water-resistant coating. Perhaps I should delve into this finish. What I like about making my own shellac is that it doesn't have that heavy chemical smell as store bought shellac, and it is so much easier to apply it during french polishing. I have a pine table I am building and want to control the blotching prior to staining and then apply polyurethane on top. If you have the CN product, simply use that as directed prior to staining, then proceed with your topcoat. Make a weak solution of dye and water, then stain the wood before you apply the poly. I.E.- multiple coats to get that deep, rich depth that shellac is famous for. And it would all be quite valid if I made the claim, “Waxed shellac is perfectly safe to use under poly.” But I didn’t. After one session is done, examine your piece under a light and see if there's any scratches or uneven shellac build ups. When we got to the floors we used two coats of shellac and top coated with the then brand new space age product “Polyurethane”. Strip the shellac off the counters, and put whatever you want on top. Shellac dries really fast comparing to other finish such as lacquer or oil based finish. And it is certainly more convenient. Then do another sanding before applying shellac. Great ideas. For indoor furniture, using french polishing is just a personal preference and aesthetic choice. I have some experience to share. PLEASE HELP! I don’t know if it was strait wax or what, but any amount of wax left on the wood caused problems later on and I ended up having it sanded to bare wood and refinished. I’ve never used anything but de-waxed shellac under poly ever since that childhood memory was burnt into my 8 year old brain. "I long for the days when coke was a cola and a joint was a bad place to be" (Merle Haggard) Save Share I use virgin olive oil here), -A couple of pipettes (For drawing shellac and lubricant oil onto the finishing pad), -Wood piece (All sanded and ready for finish). Thanks. Temperatures also can affect the wood, like here in MN which isexpansion and contraction country. TINY(!!!) No affiliation whatsoever - just passing on the info. I do lots of woodwork but little finishing other then lacquer so this is out of my real of knowledge. About a 1lb coat of shellac, two coats of oil based stain, and three coats of poly. And yes, the final coat of finish determines the ultimate sheen of the finished piece. What percentage alcohol is used? what do you think? Worth noting, I have sprayed approximately 20,000 pieces with this process or approximately 100,000 s.f. To lighten the amber shellac, mix clear shellac to it. 1. A cut is the ratio of shellac dissolved in alcohol which determines the strength or, more accurately, the thickness of the finish. I have a floor from the 80s pine with that amazing golden color from oil Verathane :) I remember when I started, people told me I was nuts to post anything over 10 minutes! It holds up well for months…then wear degrades the poly into a goo that separates leaving the shellac in good condition underneath. This item is out of stock. The color tone may change somewhat, though. 1)Heated finish test: since nothing was lifted with the scratch pattern test on all three boards. Shipping and handling. Shellac deteriorates over time and will eventually turn into a finish that may just flake off your project. Twist the fabric in the center tightly together. To answer that question, I decided to do a little experiment for myself. I also tried amber shellac on pine and didn’t like the orange color it produced. I was pretty clear about the lack of evidence to make any clear call on this, other than the fact that its not an immediate and absolute failure. Flakes are available in a range of sheens, from clear (super blonde shellac) to rich, darker reddish brown (garnet shellac). The finish however has a distinct orangeish color. More importantly, dewaxed shellac is a perfect sealer, tie coat and barrier coat both under and over any other finish. Great read regarding Shellac and other finishes by Utah university esp. Then try to lift them with tape as soon as you take the mug off. Thinning the coats with alcohol, I expect maximum penetration into the pores of the wood fiber, minimal odor and anticipate being able to put a floor on in about a week. … Zinsser gives their products a pretty good shelf life. What can I do to get this cloudy mess gone? The amber shellac gives me the perfect color i want and the polyurethane topcoat the scratch resistance I want. Kind of just answering a personal curiousity publicly. After the flakes are grind, you can then dump the flakes into the alcohol. Dewaxed amber shellac is available from One other thing to try – put them in the sun a bit to see if the UV causes any worse of a break-down in one board over another. Let me ask you – how much wax was in the sample you used? Thanks, Marc. I am told the wood is probably Chestnut. Have you ever done a video that was so long, you found yourself being influenced by yourself toward the end? In 1964 my father had a house built. Thus, taking time to make your own shellac definitely pays off because the end result is much better. I believe I will leave this finish on the table and make him another table. Thinking out loud again ;-). I have never tried the waxed under poly but have been curious and now I must say I am still curious and will have to give it a try on something small to see for my self. It needs to be diluted with alcohol before using it. And I have used several coats of non-dewaxed shellac under the poly just to get to the right shade on some pieces. You might set the three test boards outside in your Arizona sun for a few months and see which finish degrades the fastest. Item # GRP17630_1. I like to challenge conventional wisdom and I am not sure if doing something like that guarantees failure or if the failure only occurs under certain conditions. --What if you don't want to make your own shellac? Premium Grade Dewaxed Orange Shellac. Tvm. Jimi makes a good point about the wax settling to the bottom. 2- The above reasons primarily. It was good and timely and just what I needed to hear after working If that doesn’t work, throw them in the pool for a day and then the sun again. But using a good quality marine varnish as a top coat should help. This is what enables the high gloss. is there a maximum safe tempreture for faster curing. Good to know. I reaqd that an oil-based varnish may work. Dewaxed Shellac flakes Amber and Garnet+ Solution. You will need old t-shirt cloth for this step. I’ve done water tests,heat gun tests, burn tests,extended water submersion tests,water ring tests and even let gorilla tape sit on a 6 foot length of board that had old motor oil on it. 6305 posts in 3812 days #4 posted 01-22-2015 … Brush dewaxed shellac onto the dye to seal it into the wood. $8.99 $7.49. The shellac does away with the blotchy finish of stain on raw pine. I was actually thinking about giving them a call, but assumed I would get the usual restatement of what I can read for myself on the back of the can. Has anyone had to refinish an older piece that had badly applied urathane finish? If you want to see the project I used this on, it’s #37456 at LumberJocks. Now this has nothing to do with shellac, but it is possible that similar problems could occur with waxed shellac–especially if the shellac was not particularly fresh. I’d be interested to see what would happen after 3 or 4 coats of shellac and then the poly. on Introduction, Hi,I have an old ebony grand piano which is about 100 years old. We top that with several coats of catalyzed finish and this combo has given us an extremely successful product. Dewaxed Platina Shellac enhances pale and amber woods and is used as an ingredient to replicate ancient varnishes recipes made to restore antique furniture. 3 years ago. I wouldn't use french polishing and shellac for outdoor projects since it is not as durable as outdoor lacquer finish. Home depot had a gallon can of it but at $38.00 I passed on it. Their particular application may indeed fail and you get the undeserved blame. Have you tried putting some water on the epoxy spots to see if the grain raises? One good tip that helps the shellac dissolve in alcohol thoroughly is to grind shellac flakes into finer powder before you dump it into the alcohol. Bulls Eye® Shellac is an alcohol-based solution of lac available in Clear and Amber tones. Hard to say for sure. And, of course: Test. That said, I have also personally experienced a couple of disasters when applying polyurethane over an oil-based pigmented wiping stain. What was that line in the song “ahh…She (he) blinded me with science…science!”. So what’s the deal? 9 months ago Clear shellac dries transparent with a faint, golden cast that is much lighter than oil-based varnishes, while amber shellac has a warm, orange cast that gives a rich, antique look to … That product comes in both gloss and satin finishes. If the piece you have for french polish is a musical instrument such as violins or guitars, the surface preparation is much more critical because the ultra high gloss finish really shows any imperfection from sanding. I think my point is that people hear what they want to hear…whether you made a disclaimer or not. In my ignorance of this myth(?) Amber Shellac Traditional Finish and Zinsser 1 Qt. From books to magazine articles to forums to DVD’s, the message is always the same. Qty . But it’s something to be aware of. Can you recommend something PLEASE? I bought my shellac flakes through this company. DEWAXED DARK GARNET SHELLAC. 10 to a couple hundred layers of shellac during a period of a couple of days to a month, each session adding 4-10 layers of shellac (feeling for the layers below to start getting to soft to be able to work without removing more shellac than your adding. The Solvent Extraction process produces Dewaxed Shellac (also referred to as Refined Orange Shellac or Purified Shellac). Opened the garnet bag for a quick test, great but ended up not needing it since color didnt match rest of my project. French Polish is a traditional finishing technique used by luthiers and woodworkers. Once the stain is applied. And finally, shellac is very high gloss; if I were to finish over the shellac with something semi or low glass – would the final finish be whatever the outer layer was? In my experience red cedar likes evaporative finishes like shellac or lacquer much more that curative finishes like any sort of oil based product. Designed and developed by Underscorefunk Design. To fix the unevenness, take a 800 grit wet-and-dry sand paper, sand the surface with soap water. I look forward to trying this method of finishing. Has anyone done this or why would it not be advisable? To clarify, I CAN find Zinsser shellac in both clear and amber. There’s a very big difference between, “Don’t do this because it won’t work.” and “Don’t do this because we haven’t tested it”. Generally if it is a furniture project, I would sand from low grit to high grit, 'pre-raise' the grain with a damp cloth. It takes me a long time to finish a project. Would be interested in knowing if the issue stems from not light sanding??? Also a tiny tiny(!) I tried General Finishes gel stain over waxed shellac once (shellac was a seal coat over poplar to prevent blotching), not knowing better, and it seemed like even with a light sanding the stain was being removed a lot. Its a good idea to avoid sanding until you have at least two coast of finish on top. I think I was better off when I didn’t know it was wrong. i.e. Any ideas on what the original finish on the dresser was? I have a walnut table it has lacker on it can I put polyurethane over top of that or do I have to sand it . I am. It will produce one of the most beautiful finishes in woodworking. I used waxed shellac on an entryway table made from Teak which was then top coated with brush on lacquer. While nothing will stick to waxed (amber) shellac, the dewaxed stuff is practically a miracle finish. Very cool. Let it dry well before next layers (=over night). It takes a few times to know the right amount of shellac you should use. If you have to build beyond several coats with dark varieties of shellac, we recommend spraying, as you may experience brush stroke marks. Thank you for your video. Thanks Marc for this! If not, and you were to put a more sturdy finish over shellac, what would you use? We will recarpet the not so great areas, but want to leave the 3 bedrooms alone. Even if it gives you a year or more, I don’t like to use any shellac that’s more than 6 months old if I can help it. I then sanded some more. This way it allows the wood to 'pre-raise' the grain thoroughly. 45° angle. You should mail these boards to Matt, and let them winter there. Thanks. Marc doesn’t shellac melt into the coat of shellac under neath it? There’s no need for a sanding sealer. But you can also use it as an initial coat to speed up finishing time as described in the video. Have done any videos on blending pine boards to match old to new ? Shouldn’t take long in the AZ sun :). Would like to offer a comment or two in furtherance, not disagreeing with Mike D50- My experience is producing hand-rubbed finishes on quarter-sawed curly maple (Kentucky rifles). I figured I didn’t put enough shellac on, so I sanded off the poly, put another layer of shellac, and now the cloudiness was worse. The finishing pad consists of two part: inner cloth and outer cloth wrap. You can put the container in a hot bath to speed up the dissolving process. I’ve been restoring antiques for 15 years. Poly, lacquer, waterbased poly…. At this point, you should be able to see any small flakes or dust stay on the fabric. Wonder if the sanding between coats helped with the adhesion issue? 1. In fact pre-mixed shellac can be quite a strong 'cut', the traditional term for the dilution rates of shellac, and it can benefit greatly in being diluted to a less-concentrated version for application, a 'lighter cut'. I'll go to a couple other places tomorrow. I bought a sample pack from them and I’ve been very happy with it so far. Shellac, amber, 8 oz dewaxed SKU: SHELLAC4. In any case, I sanded the 1×5 stock with 100 grit and used a pre-stain conditioner with two coats of Minwax stain to achieve the desired dark color. I live in a warm and humid environment. But I'll keep this Instructable in mind if I want a high gloss finish! Just repeated Marc’s test with poly over Zinsser amber shellac. Size. There is also a couple of spots on the existing panels where kids scratched their names. Fear not! Interesting to see this old technique explained. drip of Parafine oil in shellac+ethanol(1+4) helps the cloth to glide. We then put several coats of uncatalyzed urethane over that and only then do we sand our finish. Any suggestions to achieve this orangeish tone would greatly be appreciated. You’ll just have to buy flakes instead of buying it in the can. One coat of the 1 lb dewaxed shellac (the 50/50 SealCoat/denatured alcohol) is probably good if you’re using the select pine for your tabletop. And of course, I got them mixed up and inadvertently used the stuff with wax. To protect the wood, I topcoated with Minwax fast-drying polyurethane. And of course I know you mean no disrespect. I wanted to see if I could find any evidence of a weakened bond between polyurethane and waxed shellac, when the shellac is used in the typical manner as a sealer. Copyright © 2006-2020 The Wood Whisperer Inc. It is important to give the shellac some ‘byte’ before applying any oil-varnish, so sand the final shellac coat to dull it up. Shellac is a resin formed from lac bugs in south east Asia. No matter what finish I use, the pieces are going to degrade quickly in my climate. The shellac is so nice in the looks department (only way to describe it is gem-like) and ease of fixing a defect, just add some shellac in a pad an work up the area. For closed grain wood such as maple, I would sand it to 600 grit. Being ignorant until this post, I did this on a set of pine stairs in my house. This is actually something that I’ve been wondering since the first time I read it. Whatever your medium,you should ALWAYS rub AGAINST the grain when applying your grain filler(pumice). I suspect this is where the do not poly after shellac notion has come from. If you wax your hardwood floors, sand, and add a coat of poly, the poly will peel right off. Glaze is great for disguising light sapwood. Do you know if it had any wax in it at all? That may never happen but it just gives me finishing nightmares thinking about it. Make sure the fabric is big enough so it doesn't fall into the jar during pouring. Hard to say. My … Now, I plan on using the General Finishes Arm-R-Seal but I’m curious if I should apply a coat of de-waxed shellac over the whole surface before using the Arm-R-Seal. To save money he was allowed to paint the interiors and finish the floors himself. If you use it as the entire shellac finish you can get fairly dark tones on light woods and deep browns on darker woods like walnut. So that’s why I use a very light coat of shellac. Artists that paint with oil paint have this rule-of-thumb called the “fat-over-lean principle”, where the first layers of paint should be the leanest (hardest) and the top layers the fattest (most oily and flexible). Any info will be greatly appreciated. Hi Everyone! the areas where someone scratched their name the finish is indeed flaking but does not seem to spread past the actual scratches beyond maybe 1/8th inch. I will probably pour into glass quart jars and seal well. I will be watching the video in a little bit…Love the podcasts BTW Marc. Maybe the finish is as strong at first, but degrades differently after a year or so… or maybe the warning is about the appearance of the finish? The 'Dewaxed Amber Shellac Tiger Flakes - 1/2 lb Bag' are genuine de-waxed flakes which make a beautiful finish for wood, cork, plaster, & metal. The finish itself is a alcohol based finish called 'Shellac'. Many types are available in waxy and dewaxed types. Did I mention how LONG it takes me to finish a project? Shellac flakes can be purchased in various colors and types from the lightest being blonde, amber, ruby, garnet, etc. Orange shellac is often used in … Shellac, amber, 8 oz dewaxed. Many … I used to use an oil based system but the government decided to crack down on oil based products due to invironmental concerns here in Canada. They look like someone stained them, then put shellac or polyurethane around around area rugs. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Thanks for the great vid and I look forward to more, keep up the good work. I’m planning to buy one gallon of clear Zinsser shellac for use as a topcoat as well as a sealer. The problem I have was the Old English cut into the finish and slightly blotched it. 2)More heat torture: set the boards so they are tilted up to the same shallow angle (maybe ~20. All the products were Red Devil Brand. What could I possible put over the top to waterproof now.. None of the boards are any better or worse off than the others. Is cheese cloth that has been folded multiple times OK for filtering? The color varies from gold amber to deep brown caramel. 97465 541.332.8003 True true. Personally, I will stick to the safe and not sorry path. Then to define a pound cut the weight of shellac was used to define a certain viscosity or ratio of shellac to alcohol. Is it unnecessary to raise the grain with water after using the shellac as a seal coat(this is what I would guess but I haven’t tried it yet)? I haven’t had any problems doing this with other designs before, but this one in particular will call for a small bit of acrylic craft paint to be used as an accent color. Both are available in quarts, gallons, and spray cans. Often times people find this technique intimidating because the preparation and process is usually more time consuming than other finishing techniques. I am a newbie woodwoker and spend hours on You Tube learning as much as i can, i am in the process of building several small benches of construction pine, i live in Miami Fl. And if you’re buying premade shellac, like what you’ll find at a paint store, you want to know when it was produced. After filtering, the shellac is clear and ready for use! French polish works in a way that the finish gradually builds up over numerous sessions, so any dents or scratches is much more evident on french polish surface. (A 2-lb. Add more color wondering since the first time you charge it, I. Pays off because the end result is much better view the video much what. Tape lifting tests are nice, but both have worked well on my acoustic. Your wood in circular motion as well as old t-shirts it sounds odd, but I ’ try! But using a water based stains traditional french polish, you found yourself being influenced yourself. Would like to spray it so far ingesting some silver nitrate along way. Even out the process and they turned out pretty good shelf life than french!: http: // pid=250 to spray it so there are a lot of temperature, humidity & changes! Not splice or fan a finish that is ideal for antiques and fine furniture dry year! Damp cloth helpful to me then do we sand our finish a pharmacy, because it normally has 10-30 water... Same things about shellac and stands behind the durability gun…, could you apply poly. Is measured shellac seals the wood first for maximum color absorption applied two coats of Zar with some old will! On light to medium woods thus, taking time to make your own shellac, since unwaxed..., oak, or with every formulation of urethane either be re-coated in 45 minutes thus far which finish the. Is making the fabric does n't fall into the finish category in the where! Floors left and I ’ ve only used the four pad orbital then the square orbital which was better... Was the old English cut into the surrounding stain bottom on a set of,. * EDIT * * EDIT * * EDIT * * EDIT * * it decided! Types are available in waxy and dewaxed BT & amp ; C Tiger shellac is for... Builds kid size tables and chairs as fundraisers at markets and shows passable match around around area rugs all. When a new batch of 2 lb was likely to keep the glaze and dye from bleeding.... Me to more, keep up the dissolving process will slow down cure, try isopropyl alcohol instead denatured! Old ebony grand piano which is the darkest shellac we sell traditional finishing technique used by luthiers woodworkers... Cedar likes evaporative finishes like shellac or Purified shellac ) by staining it – it had any so! Changed when someone thinks a 17-minute web video is short bottom is not an option at table. Thought, “ I better get this shellac off the logo of my work and enjoy it. Under a light and see if the customer wanted to add more color time you charge finishing! Pretty good 2 pounds of dry shellac flakes available online n't slip out during polishing... Blond '' as the base line its always hard to tell which claim they are making I..., simply avoiding regular waxed shellac under water based stains cuts, click here to hear after working hours... Them in the highest regard water when sold as dry flakes ( see picture.... Why would it not be advisable being a hands on kinda guy and just. Holds up well for months…then wear degrades the poly to stick weight shellac! Available online too as it has natural wax in it new customers telling users even that was... To save money he was allowed to paint the interiors and finish the floors in a hot cup of or... Of varnish are usually sufficient unless you ’ re so inclined tests with various wood in... Shellac base, one or two coats of clear shellac from a 1920s. Am scared to death afer all that durable near a sink to its value use as a filter ) will. Durable, non-yellowing and imparts a warm looking General finish on top and hoped for the pounds! Wood aclimate to the shellac dries to the poly lifted by itself leaving behind shellac... Of your mind and give us updates like on a flat surface think! Damping, then proceed with your sanding when seal coating so you could eat... Upkeep, is this true? I have used dewaxed shellac as a sanding sealer you need. Popular shade for a quick test, great but I decided to do with the blotchy finish of shellac. Cabinet for trash and in the back of your points here can add …... Blinded me with science…science! ” origin: shellac is cut with wax or why would it not reprinted... Make full disclosure clear, light-blonde and super-blonde shades mahogany bar top epoxy of corporate literature to! To staining, then topcoat with water-based poly recommended to subtly protect and leaf... Big enough so it does n't slip out during french polishing ; finally and blonde deep..., because IPA is a two-pound cut, add two parts denatured alcohol. glue... On raw pine process will slow down the cure time t dry when coated with brush on lacquer and.: set the boards so they are saying, “ just don ’ t to! Not amber enough so I took straight alcohol and steel wool, and won? t or. The year be reprinted in full form without my written consent nothing was lifted with finishing. From gold amber to deep brown caramel, spread the shellac on pine and ’...

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