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), As an addendum, I was also told that after completion of the course, wages were generally being offered around the 30k mark. Has anyone heard anything about a similar looking course called Collective Academy? 9 months on and I'm still on 25k and barely paying off the interest. I did this course just over a year ago now. FAQ CONTACT US WAITING LIST. Dec 6, 2020. Secondly, and this is the ironic part, you are actually admitting that women earn more in this business. Having a support network around you is invaluable for any burgeoning software developer and there's no better place for that than Makers! As such, the quality has significantly plummeted. I’m sure your opinion to focus on other minorities would be as good as our choice to focus on lack of women in tech. The pace is rapid (which is a sign that a lot of material is crammed in) and you feel uncomfortable for almost the whole 3 months. Simply put, for this reason, we felt it was the highest priority for us to contribute towards. - Everyone is pretty optimistic and excited to be there. Thanks for your honest review. I'm truly sorry if you felt you didn't get the service you were expecting but I'm confident Makers Academy is still the best option to launch a career in software engineering. This matters because now you have significantly more people flooding the already competitive market making it difficult to obtain positions within the industry. Makers is a special place and if you do decide to join you will quickly appreciat the "we're all in this together" ethos that is developed among your colleagues in your cohort. I did find though, in the last 2 months, Makers was getting a lot more companies. Now, as I mentioned previously, companies are incredibly hungry for female talent (and rightly so), however Makers offering this discount is not through some virtuous, egalitarian show of immense kindness, in their push for equality as they would make you believe, no, this discount is purely to entice more female coders into their ranks so that when large companies come knocking on their door looking for female talent, they can give it to them and make more profit (through their recruitment fees) by filling the gap that is desperately needing to be filled. This matters because it became apparent that after finishing the course, people actually weren't getting jobs for over a year after finishing the course!! We do all these things because they are the right thing to do, not because it’s easier. I want to give as rounded a review as possible so you can hopefully understand that I am a more reasonable person, rather than someone who just blindly says everything is "phenomenal" without actually giving any constructive thought into the bootcamp at all. Makers Academy is a coding bootcamp in London. The internal hiring system was infinitely more effective (and ultimately rewarding) than spending hours trawling through LinkedIn and other job boards (which I did do and had some success with). As your internet search desperation grows you begin to consider the validity of bootcamps but do they overpromise, are they a scam, are they glorified recruitment agencies? When I first started at Maker everyone was very friendly and wanted to become my friend, The teachers were always trying to create a bond with the students and always trying to help. What was Sam Culley's experience at Makers Academy? I also really regret that the talk made you feel like you were shamed. "Absolutely life-changing! They are of high quality and really understand what you as a Bootcamp student can offer and also know what they need to invest in you. Makers Academy's average rating is 4.72 out of 5.0 based on 305 review(s). Why women over other minorities? MAKE IT SING: Spotify Code & Soundwave Projects PHOTO TO FILE: Turn Pictures into SVG Files CUSTOM CUT: Edit Designs in Cricut Design Space How to Register. Consequently, this meant that those who had the most experience would want to rush through the curriculum in a bid to complete the course in record time. What was Eithel Anderson's experience at Makers Academy? - Not everyone is ready to start applying for jobs immediately out of Makers – which is okay! If you’ve decided to take on this spontaneous journey and have chosen Makers Academy, then I welcome you and congratulate you. - The course material is iterative, and there's more than enough to work on, regardless of your 'level' coming into Makers. Please feel free to email any additional feedback into our customer service department at In particular, this allowed us to make admissions much more stringent, with corresponding effect on placement numbers. I'll start with the positive points and then move on to the more realistic points, so as to give you an honest impression of what it is actually like to attend there. As your internet search desperation grows you begin to consider the validity of bootcamps but do they overpromise, are they a scam, are they glorified recruitment agencies? An honest review of Makers Academy (bootcamp) London. As a whole, there's no right or wrong here. I'd wager that all the positive reviews are coming from the younger "kids" of 20 or so, with little life experience, who have been fortunate enough to have been funded through this shambles of a system by their parents. Do you represent this school? The course itself is hard... Read More work and constantly stimulating, equipping you to become a driven self-learner in software engineering. Although we don’t often publicise it, we also maintain contact with the government. I would know. But it turns out companies really value this. Now, I'm so excited to begin building my life and keep moving forward! Every male who has completed the course is on an average of 23k, the females are on significantly more due to higher demand. Like any "marketplace" which has two clients (think Airbnb or Uber), it's a tough ask to perfectly balance the number of people we train and the number of jobs available. None of this would have been possible without Makers.... Read More Makers Academy helped me to rediscover my passion for just turning ideas into reality. As big believers in self-directed learning, students finish the course as a confident and independent software engineer ready to hit the ground running. I loved Makers Academy. The student fees go towards keeping the business afloat, that means paying wages, rent, marketing etc. Become; Hire; Community; About; FAQs; Blog; Apply . PROS:Makers is a very friendly environment with great people. Makers is a special place and if you do decide to join you will quickly appreciat the "we're all in this together" ethos that is developed among your colleagues in your cohort. Reviews from Star Makers Academy of Dance employees about Star Makers Academy of Dance culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Based in London, England the course is delivered fully remotely and is open to anyone in the world who meets the coding... Read More requirements, and wants to future-proof their career through learning to code with industry-trained coaches. A lot of reviews for coding bootcamps on other sites are marshaled and the negative comments and reviews are deleted giving a false impression. I finished the course feeling proficient and job-ready, yet I eventually had to settle for a position on 25k or risk homelessness. Careers fairs are offered and those who are highly skilled or those who fulfil quotas get snapped up straight away, that is the nature of the beast and this, again is not Makers fault. Makers has the largest dedicated career coaching team in the industry providing 1:1 support to help you launch your tech career. Pros. Be the first to write one: Write a review Verfied answers from graduates of this school will include this badge . Yes, although the number isn't quite right and keeps changing. The Urban Assembly Maker Academy (UA Maker) is a CTE (career and technical education) school inspired by the maker movement, which promotes the use of technology and design principles to solve everyday problems. The careers team are very communicative and clearly work hard to assist you in your job hunt. Bootcamp grads love to talk. CUT … Whereas there seems to be an industry-wide problem with regards to women in the industry, it was noticeable that certain Makers hiring partners were often hiring women over men. Thanks again for your feedback, and I really would love to grab that coffee and talk more about how we can continue to improve the Makers Academy careers service. There is so much work you have to do for yourself. Post graduation you have access to hiring partners who will hire bootcamp graduates as well as fellow alumni for networking and job vacancy links. However, because of Covid, there are a lot fewer jobs, and thus a lot fewer companies going through makers. Makers Academy offers 12-week intensive web development course that says anyone can code with the right amount of efforts and time invested. If we don’t place you in a job you love, we’re not delivering on our company promise, but we also owe money to the employer, which is not in our interest. I was fortunate to have been placed in a wonderful cohort with hard-working and like-minded peers. That was never the intention; and our students can’t be blamed for the state of the industry in any case. - Makers won't make you a developer or guarantee you a job. Zoom fatigue hits really hard after the first group project, but goes away after that. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You can join these if you want to ensure you are upskilling. Makers Academy. I attended Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants since I need to learn what my accountant did to our books that caused so many troubles. Thank you for sharing your personal experience here. WRITE A REVIEW. If you wish to learn more, please visit here - I did this course just over a year ago now. Somewhat, yes. Makers Academy is a highly selective 12 week, full-time program (preceded by a four-week pre-course) which teaches web development. We'll find students from Makers Academy to answer your questions. Start Your Review of Urban Assembly Maker Academy. I am looking to do a coding course bootcamp but I have been turned off and now I am more focused on a uni degree in computing or such which would be more beneficial and is recognized world wide. This is vital to building first-hand experience of collaboration (and people skills) within this field. The course has been designed by a team of inspirational software engineers with strong backgrounds in educational psychology, enabling students to master any technology in today's marketplace. The job hunt can still be a real challenge, depending on the current job market etc, but I am not sure if there are other bootcamps out there with the same level of job hunting support and aftercare for their students. -The JavaScript curriculum needs to be updated (this may have been resolved since I graduated). I'm a graduate of Makers Academy (graduated May 2014) and a historian turned software developer. The course has been designed by a team of … On numerous occasions when sending my CV out to potential employers I have been told "we don't hire Makers students, the standard isn't high enough!". The Pros: - A solid foundational curriculum that teaches best practices such as TDD and pair programming. We also support various minority groups (black, Muslim, etc), arrange full scholarships for female applicants (e.g. You'll be learning from world class developers and immediately implementing the concepts into your own projects. Business Maker Academy offers crash courses for business. Thanks for sharing your name with us. I was absolutely disgusted to find that Makers had made no effort to contact the government to enquire as to whether they would offer any government funded scholarships to get some of their students into this apparent "skills shortage industry", like so many other college courses offer. If you have the means to join this course I would highly recommend Makers as they not only show you coding concepts that are widely practiced within the industry but also team working skills which is something you don't get while learning to code by yourself. While I understand that it may seem like class sizes have been increasing, our campus has been operating at full, constant load (60-70 students at any time) for over two years. The majority of students had "The Bank of Mum and Dad" funding their fees and were often living in their parents homes rent free whilst studying. There is a general consensus among the Makers staff, that everyone is encouraged to be positive, which is great, however the positivity often comes across as sheer delusion, and as such may be skewing the reviews on this website somewhat. In order to fill the new quota of 40 people it seems as if Makers may have reduced the bar for entry, this has had a detrimental effect on the courses learning style. The social inequality was also a very serious issue at times. - A focus on soft skills such as effective communication within teams, self-regulation, and problem-solving. Not only were there 39 students in the May cohort fighting for these positions, but also the students of past cohorts (who had graduated anything up to 6 months before we did). They have a large focus teach on Test Driven Development and teaching you problem-solving techniques specific to coding to ensure that that code you write is of high quality as well as best practices to use when working in an agile team. There are people who were in the first cohort of 40 below me that still haven't got jobs!! Curriculum. This is a complete lie. Each week introduces something new, so just as you begin to feel comfortable you move on and are learning a fresh concept or language. I'm sure that you wouldn't understand my struggle, as you take 4-5 times my yearly salary out of Makers each year in dividends, yet don't really appear to be contributing that much as an individual to ensuring that we all get well paid jobs. I felt extremely limited, and had such low hopes for my job prospects and future. Coaches and your fellow students are supportive. You'll only get out what you put in. I would also wager that a lot of these reviews are from Makers' marketing team (which comprises of more people than their recruitment team!!! Good question and not a short one to answer, but I'll give it a shot. The Makers Academy bootcamp was the best decision that I made. The feedback I received on my applications was very insightful and helpful, by the careers team members and coaches alike and led to me receiving an offer from an industry leading company.The Alumni network was also incredible and I cannot wait to give back to those who enrolled at Makers to change their career/life.Also I landed a job in a language not formally covered by the course and this is super typical so do not think you will be pigeon holed by the course material. We’ve invested heavily on the Careers side of the business since you’ve completed the course, and continue doing so. So we chose to absorb the increased running costs over the years and offer several payment options to make it as affordable as possible. - Everyone is pretty optimistic and excited to be there. For those who are committed to pursuing a career in tech, keen to challenge themselves, and willing to make the time & financial commitment, Makers will help you thrive. While some companies do care about gender diversity, the majority is still more comfortable with hiring young, white, male developers. "Makers ensures you learn best practices and will give you a great foundation in software development.". I’m going to address some of the points you raised below. I’ve created a free online tool to assess how you’re going in each of the key areas – it pin-points where you are in your business journey, uncovers what you’ve been missing and helps you discover the exact area of focus that’s right for YOU, right now. I’ve sent this to you via email, but I’m also sharing this here publicly as I think it’s important we’re transparent in answering your questions. We do offer a female discount indeed, as part of our effort to make the industry more inclusive and diverse. Well, I think it may have been possible to obtain students from a wider pool when the numbers going through the code "factory" were not so large, now, however it seems as if they are letting in whoever can front up the cash. It was made clear, even whilst embarking on the course that a discount would be offered to the female members of each cohort. In Q1 this year our developers got 81 job offers that we know of (most through us, some on their own) – that’s roughly equal to the number of students who started or graduated that quarter. The job requirements you've looked at all ask for a computer science degree or 1-2 years experience for junior developer roles. From having zero coding experience and coming from an entrepreneurial background it had to be challenging to leave everything behind and dive deep into this experience. This makes learning much more fun, and also forces you to work on your communication skills. I'm now in debt to the tune of 16k. If you are reading this review, then you likely... Read More feel there is a step (or 10) missing. I have grown so much not just as a coder since completing the course but also as a person and have made friends for life which is worth it's weight in gold. You've had a dabble learning a programming language and decided you enjoy it - so the next step according to the internet is to get a portfolio, start contributing to open source projects and networking. However, we are committed to making a difference here, and raising awareness of inclusivity and diversity issues is part of this process. "Is it because you knew that people weren't getting jobs and had to increase the numbers to successfully increase students employment within the industry?". A few comments were made to the lecturers where they thought that it would be a good idea to split the larger cohorts into two groups, A and B depending on their abilities, that way the students would be able to go at a speed which they felt more comfortable with. I personally promise you, though, that it isn’t. There is no authority and this shows, as there seems to be a lackadaisical attitude upstairs where it seems as if the staff are very much segregated from the rest of the building and are rarely seen unless sneaking down to play on the broken ping pong table. - Job seeking assistance was awesome, even for me as an international student (Canada) The Cons: - There was wide variability in coaching skills and techniques. Bootcamp grads love to talk. Before joining, I had a lot of "soft skills" that were absolutely marketable, but didn't quite have the more tangible skills to do the things I wanted to do. 10-20% of the course is coach led workshops to introduce new concepts. - Remote learning takes a bit of adjusting if you're not used to it. Now, I'm so excited to begin building my life and keep moving forward! davestokes Mar 12, 2014 at 03:13 UTC. said - while there are coaches on hand, this is very much self-led learning. What I did not like however was the patronising talk that was given to everyone on why the discount was given. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Where to start? I found I learnt the most by getting code reviews. Speaking of cohort sizes, if I recall correctly we only ever had one class of 40, which was led by two coaches. Also there is an option to join group projects, which are facilitated by one of the Makers coaches. Again this is not Makers fault, as they cannot dictate market demand, however lying to their students should really be looked into. Makers Academy is again breaking new ground and the pioneering coding school has become the first in Europe to launch an accredited apprenticeship level scheme that trains people up to become software engineers immediately after graduation. Makers: We’re halfway there… Makers: We’re halfway there… The last 6 weeks have gone by in the flashiest of flashes (’tis the season to rewatch Love Actually) and I’m now halfway through the… Melissa. - A focus on soft skills such as effective communication within teams, self-regulation, and problem-solving. We've decided to do something imperfect, rather than do nothing in fear of being criticised (which we have been by many people). I've enjoyed every minute of working here.

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